SimDeck Birthday Race Cakes

The SimDeck Birthday cakes are exclusive to SimDeck Formula Simulators and add that unique and special aspect to the SimDeck Simulation Birthday.

No birthday party with the SimDeck Race car simulator should be without our exclusively designed race car cakes. Each design highlights the many varied aspects of Formula open wheel race car motorsports. Our range starts off with over 20 exciting designs providing a wide choice. To select the design for your birthday cake just quote the cake number. If the design is out of stock we can produce new stock in about 4 days, so plan ahead and we will have the design of your choice.

Don’t forget to participate in our Race Poll … which cake is a real winner…. and here we let you decide. (scroll to end of this page)

The cakes are either a chocolate Mud Cake or Carrot Cake manufactured for us by an A Grade commercial cake kitchen so quality is always assured. Some cake top race images are designed to have additional custom writing, for example the child’s name etc where we can add custom details like birthday name, age etc. All cakes are fresh and overall size is 9″ diameter and provides about 12 slices.

Eat the race track! Pictured is the smaller 4 inch size print.

Eat the race track! Pictured is the smaller 4 inch size print.

Cakes are available for single purchase or as part of the SimDeck Birthday Simulator Experience.
Please place your order 7 days before you require it. If you wish to purchase a cake only, payment is required at time of collection. If you are selecting a cake(s) as part of the SimDeck Simulator Experience the cost for one cake with a 4 inch race print is included as part of the Birthday Experience.
Carrot Cake with selected 3.5″-4″ dia printed race image. $43.00 (GST Incl)
Mud Cake with selected 3.5″-4″ printed race image. $43.00 (GST Incl)

Carrot Cake with selected 8″ dia printed race image. $60.00 (GST Incl)
Mud Cake with selected 8″ dia printed race image. $60.00 (GST Incl)

Miniature Single Person Chocolate cake with 50mm dia. Printed Race Scene. Chocolate Cake infused with coffee syrup, covered with smooth silky white chocolate ganche and decorated with a miniature high resolution printed race scene.
Per cake – $4.50. Minimum Order for SimDeck Event – 6 pieces.
Per cake – $4.50. Minimum Order for your own event – 12 pieces.

Custom Option
Name writing $7.90 (GST Incl). Only on the 9″ cake.

Please refer to the SimDeck Simulators Birthday pack information for additional food and drink options available for your function. We have standard Packages available according to the number of birthday guests. Simple send an email to with the Subject line Simdeck Birthday Party Request.

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