Time Out Biz Conference to Feature SimDeck Simulator

Time Out – The Conference and not the time for kiddies to take a break, will feature the SimDeck PET250 Race Car simulator in the Aotea Event Centre in downtown Auckland.

The Time Conference Virtual Grand Prix will pit Speaker against Speaker and Delegates.

The Time Conference Virtual Grand Prix will pit Speaker against Speaker and Delegates.

The venue will be a bit of a challenge to get the vehicle in due to a slight problem …yep you guess it when the building was built the designers placed a supporting post for the above floor slap bang in the middle of the race track, well actually down the corridor leading off the loading bay doors.  Anyway a few dollars in the hand and we have been assured all will be catered for on Thursday when we set the race car up.

Time Out Conference  http://www.timeconvention.co.nz/

We will be finding out who really is the best driver as we re-create the Singapore night time Formula One Grand Prix from last weekend. Will petrol be spilled out again in the pits and will there be a suprise winner.

SimDeck is partnering with the Corporate Event Guide Publishers to entertain delegates as we put them thru their paces during the breaks, proving why Corporate Event Guide Judges nominated SimDeck Formula Simulators for the People’s Choice as the best Team Building Activity in NZ.

Check out the list of top business development speakers.  http://www.timeconvention.co.nz/celebrity-speakers-showcase/

We will be putting each of the speakers into the open cockpit Formula One styled race car and testing to see whether NZ Internet Guru Debbie-Mayo Smith is as good on the race track as she is at getting people online, or Bill James the ultimate networker – does he connect more people than he does barrier fences. My bets are with Aaron Fleming, The Ironman who had a collapsed lung told he would never be physically active again and went on to race competitively internationally…sounds like he has the attributes of a Champion,  Wayne Tempero who has spent his life protecting the super rich and famous maybe just the man to have around though if Weijun Collins emerges the winner on the day. Her childhood was destroyed when the Chinese Communist Government denounced her father. She spent years working under harsh conditions, living in a cave with little to eat or drink. After managing to escape, Weijun’s life took many twists and turns. These and other speakers will keep delegates on the edge of the seat.

So if you need to know a little background on the Singapore F1 GP check out this site.

Want to know more about the real world details of an F1 race car that we replicate in our virtual world, then visit here.

This is what we will be re-creating in a virtual world…“>

Interested in the SimDeck race car at your conference to entertain the delegates, then call race HQ on Tel 09-444-6-111 to discuss how we can bring a completely new dimension to a conference theme.
Post Event endorsement
Hi Kevin
We want to thankyou for bringing your racing car to TIME.
It added a unique and memorable aspect to the day.
We definitely hope to work with you in the future.
All the best
Ashley & Sharon
Corporate Event Guide

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