Budding Video Producers and team who want to create online fun race videos

One thing I know for sure…if you’re in the drivers seat you can not be behind the camera. This is where you could start your next career. Would you like to be part of a fun concept to create some viral type videos based around our race car simulator. You’ll get all the race time you need as a reward since this is a purely voluntary activitiy, and you’ll get your name in the credit list.

I am interested to work with others to create sime fun viral type videos that might be used for marketing, or simply to have our audience in fits of laughter with a unique story line and create filming and animation. Distribution would be entirely online.

If you have the interest, easy and fun to work with, a head brimming with ideas, some talent, creative or technical ability, express your interest by writing to me at kevin[at]simdeck[dot]com. Ok gotta go as there is a lap time to reduce and cars to overtake

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