Please keep your pets off the race track!

High speed racing and loose pets on the road is a recipe for tears and fatalities.

Pets and animals in general tend to fall into two broad social group categories, those that are cared for and those that are neglected. For those that are neglected, life can be a miserable hell hole, not unlike the life many people find themselves living. On the other side of the fence which is defintely greener, pets can have their own luxury exclusive house (aka Rachel hunter’s dogs)…literally in the lap of luxury and others give and receive the same emotional attention and attachment that is given to the cutiest of babies and children.

To raise funds for those not living in Rachel’s Hunter’s luxurious dog house, organisations such as SPCA and Miaow Association rely on a wide range of activities and channels to stay afloat and effective.

SimDeck Formula Simulators has speed onto the track with engines roaring as a part of its corporate community responsibility and hopefully will be able to raise enough funds to keep a few cats feed for quite some time and other animals safe….as long as their virtual counterparts do not wander out on the race track during a SimDeck Virtual Grand Prix. As seen on the following video clip a pet dog has no place near a race circuit.

Three lucky bidders are about to try for a new career change in the SimDeck Formula Simulator.

Three lucky bidders are about to try for a new career change in the SimDeck Formula Simulator.

SPCA High Tea Charity Fundraiser
On the 1st of November, Switched On Marketing, together with sponsors ING and the Insurance People will be hosting a High Tea Charity Fundraiser Auction for the SPCA and the Lonely Miaow Association in celebration of the SPCA’s 125th Anniversary. SimDeck Formula Simulators has donated 3 SimDeck race certificates totalling 180 minutes of race time at the SimDeck Virtual Reality Race Centre in Albany. ,

The winning bids will be able to use their virtual Grand Prix winners certificate as a visit with race time with their partner, reward for their children or simply time to race with the boys.
SimDeck Founder, Kevin Andreassend mentioned, “During the auction we expect to see hands rise in lightening action, hopefully it turns into bit of cat fight as bidders seek to win one of the race certificates. For the winners we will be advising them to leave their pets at home, as it won’t be when they run across the virtual race track that they might get hurt, but rather the high decible roar of the engines and vibration of the car as it shudders in response to every track bump, gear change and any sudden serves from a virtual dog that got loose on the track!”



The event will be held at the Stamford plaza and catered for 220 seated guests business owners and professionals, the day will encompass trade tables, speakers, entertainment, give-aways and auction items.

Registration 1pm – 1.30pm
Event – 13:30pm – 16:30

Venue: Stamford Plaza, on Lower Albert Street, Ak.
Tickets are $25.00 p.p
Please reserve your seat by completing the form by clicking here.

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