SimDeck Simulators in Henderson Christmas Parade

All ready to go in the Xmas 08 Parade. Tiana, Mum and Dad. "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells racing as we go!!
The main roads through Henderson shopping area was filled with children and families anticipating the arrival of the 2008 Christmas Parade.

The Christmas parade throughout NZ marks the arrival of the pending Christmas season. The period is a time of celebration, fine sunny weather, the drawing to a close of business for the year, meeting friends, going on holiday, extending goodwill, reflecting on the successes, failures, growth of the past 12 months.

Mum and Dad turning a Formula Race Car into a Christmas Float!

Mum and Dad turning a Formula Race Car into a Christmas Float!

Sadly for some it will involve road deaths, divorce, arguments and the parting of ways. For others it will be the discovery of love, appreciation, reunions and the anticipation of an exciting 2009. For my good friends Steve and Valkra, it will mean their first Xmas in their Cima Cafe in High Street in downtown Auckland and the heart of the fashion shopping. Which as I write this entry they will be swamped by families in the city for the Auckland downtown Sunday Christmas Parade. They bought the Cafe about 3 weeks ago and have revolutionised the food, service, menu, atmosphere and customer service. If you’re ever in the city call into Cima Cafe for coffee and tell them Kevin recommended you visit. If you ever visited prior to Nov 08 you’ll now find a Cafe that is a pleasure to visit. Their food is NOW DIVINE …truely… and they do have your enjoyment at heart. Besides you’ll be able to enjoy the 10 speaker sound system I installed the other week for your pleasure.

The parade is about to get rolling and we're about to get racing in the Henderson Christmas Parade

The parade is about to get rolling and we're about to get racing in the Henderson Christmas Parade

Now back to the Henderson Christmas Parade, we arrived about 8.45am and was one of the early birds to arrive so had plenty of time to decorate our float which consisted of the SimDeck PET250 race car on the mobile simulation trailer. My parents were dressed in their race uniforms and Dad was the driver. Good friend Tiana Hodge from sweltered in her uniform! The parade got underway on time and we gave out many brochures and race car stickers enroute.

As we drive the route I could not help reflect on my own childhood and the memories of the Xmas Parades in Timaru, as we would gain front roadside viewing of the parade passing by and the excitement of the coming Christmas season….ah for the innocence of children. The SimDeck float also featured the high powered sound of racing coming from the simulator…..the crowds lining the street could hear us coming!

Next weekend (6 December) we will be in the Brown Bay Christmas Parade and day long festival in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Auckland. Well worth visiting for a family day out. After the parade visitors will be able to race in the Formula Race car simulator.

Small race cars even maybe we should build simulators in this category as well!

Small race cars even maybe we should build simulators in this category as well!

Promoting high speed racing and driver safety go hand in hand.

Most people tend to think of Formula One, A1GP and other motor race sports as all about high speed, competition and galmour. Behind all motorsports events, bodies and organisations world wide stands the governing body – FIA who is deadly serious about reducing road deaths world wide.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations.

Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris, the FIA is a non-profit making association. It brings together 219 national motoring and sporting organisations from 130 countries on five continents. Its member clubs represent over 100 million motorists and their families.

As you start to reflect on what causes road deaths, in many cases it is speed relative to the conditions, environments and driver ability. High speed motorsports racing at 300kph is deadly dangerous so it might surprise many folk there are serious initiatives and ongoing development continually that the FIA, Formula One drivers and the World Bank act on to reduce road deaths and injuries. Currently deaths worldwide each year are about 1.2 million. For those who have family, friends, colleaques who have died or been injured in a car accident you will know the devasting affect this has for years to come.

Robert Kubica's high-speed crash at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.

Robert Kubica's high-speed crash at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.

SimDeck believes that it’s expertise in high speed simulation has a vital role to play in driver training in race and non-race situations. Though open wheeler race cars are designed for one thing – driving fast, it is always with the understanding to do it as safely as possible. To do this, familarity with the car, the circuit and environment is crucial.

FIA along with its various sections and Formula One drivers are constantly rasing the profile of driver safety out on city streets and country roads. Here at Simdeck Formula Race simulators, our events and perception is that even in simulation whether it be for entertainment, promotional or driver training, safety is paramount. So enjoy the experience in our life-like like-size race car simulators, but remember speed can kill and you can influence your own attitudes, behaviour and most of all driving skill when you race with SimDeck Formula Simulators.

Here is an insight to what Spain is doing to reduce road kill.

Informative range of activities from FIA on reducing road deaths both on the race circuit and off.

SimDeck has the solution to replace Montreal loosing the F1 GP

Reported in the Montreal Gazette was the depressing news for the city’s motorsports fraternity that the F1 GP will not be returning….

F1’s Ecclestone ‘ unreasonable,’ mayor decides

Montreal has lost its “trendy, worldly, sexy” image along with the Grand Prix of Canada, but the race is already on to replace the international event and the millions of tourist dollars it brought to the city.

“We made a reasonable proposal, it was rejected, and now we turn the page and try to do something else,” said Tourism Montreal president Charles Lapointe, whose organization had offered to spend $5 million per year over the next five years to keep the race in Montreal.

Arguing that Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone’s business plan was “unreasonable,” Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay said yesterday that negotiations he undertook last month to save the race failed.

Montreal, the provincial and federal governments and Tourism Montreal had offered Ecclestone $20 million for 2009, increasing to $24 million in 2013 – a total of $110.5 million over five years.

The city would also pay 75 per cent of the first $10 million in race profits and 25 per cent of profits above that to Ecclestone, but he turned them down, the local negotiators said.

So here is a brigft spark of an idea why don’t we set up the world’s largest virtual grand prix based on full life size actual F1 race car simulators. That sort of money will buy a massive number of our full size replica F1 race cars. The software backend has already been developed.

Every adult in the city would be able to race in our full blown car system complete with motion platform . Remember that computer gaming is the world’s largest entertainment industry and combine this with the world’s largest spectator sport and you have SimDeck Virtual Grand Prix. Imagine the uniqueness of such an event, the flood of people if would draw, and not just for a few days, …oh and the noise of 100 full size race sim cars (or more) racing at high speed not just in Montreal but on TV and and every gamers computer station around the globe.
The world’s most environmentally friendly motorsports in the world could just have been established. You might ask on a serious note…is this technically feasible… a short YES YES YES.

The advertisers would love it with all the virtual bill board advertising along with car branding.
Backers, venture capitalists, and JV partners please right to sales[at]

2008 XFest! – Xmas Parade in the fastlane

Browns Bay Christmas Parade hits the fast lane with SimDeck Formula Simulators.
Tis the season for merriment, summer sun and the high speed world of Formula racing in the SimDeck Simulator on the 6 December in the delightful Browns Bay Beach.

The day will feature a wide range of activities including the traditional Kiwi Xmas parade followed by a range of activities, festivities and exhibits, making it a perfectly family day.

Led by Andrew Williams the Mayor of North Shore City, the parade starts in Glen Road turns right into Bute Road and then right into Clyde Road where a parade commentary is given. The parade leaves Clyde Road by turning right into Anzac Street where it then turns right into Glen Road and ends.

The Browns Bay Xmas Parade and Festival is destined to be the most entertaining and high powered family event celebrating the arrival of Christmas. The beautiful bay is one of the most popular family beaches in Auckland and across the the road from the retail area. Make sure you visit for some or all of the day....and take the Simdeck Simulator for a spin down the circuit.

The Browns Bay Xmas Parade and Festival is destined to be the most entertaining and high powered family event celebrating the arrival of Christmas. The beautiful bay is one of the most popular family beaches in Auckland and across the the road from the retail area. Make sure you visit for some or all of the day....and take the Simdeck Simulator for a spin down the circuit.

The Simdeck Formula Sim Race Car will be part of the parade and immediately following the parade will be available for visitors to race in the race car simulator for the remainder of the day.

Browns Bay Sea and Air Display – 1 – 3 pm
This event will be viewed from the Esplanade Reserve and will include a live commentary.
Navy Sea Sprite Helicopter from number 6 squadron RNZAF.
Aircraft from North Shore Aero Club.
RNZAF Formation Flying Team “The Red Chequers”
Off Shore Power Boat Demonstration
Browns Bay Coastguard Life Saving Demonstration.

Throughout the day…
Active Zone Sports Society Team *The Vipers” skaters and sports skates demonstration
Canoes & Kayaks, Model Boats Display, Power boat display, Gyro Ride, Hole in One Competition, Flight Experience, North Shore Aero Club, Mission Impossible inflatable course, SimDeck Formula 1 Race Car Simulator, V8 Super car Challenge, Hot Rod and Motor Sport Display including A1 Grand Prix Race Car, NZ V8 Championship Race Cars, Ology Water Sports Display, Food stall and more.
Performances and displays on stage throughout the day at the Esplanade Reserve include:
North Shore Junior Orchestra
Pinehurst Jazz Combo
Birds of Paradise, Cook Island music and dance troupe
Global Fitness Martial Arts Demonstration.
Auckland Full Gospel Church.

The 2008 XFest! is proudly presented by the Browns Bay Business Association.
Saturday, 6 December
11am – 3 pm
Christmas Parade
11am – 12 noon


Vacancies – Ten telesales working from home.

Well it had to happen …. since launching our full size race car simulator into the Auckland market, many people have confirmed that we are offering a unique experience that they agree, offers many commercial opportunities and totally unique experience for a wide range of functions.

So the inevitable has happened, whilst I am out racing at a wide range of events (well alot of times I am teaching others how to race or running their event) becoming the champion my parents destined I should become, restricts the time I can be on the phone to market this unique experience to the many companies who would find our virtual reality experience a great way to enhance their sales meeting, conference theme, customer focus day, staff reward event, interactive marketing activity and so on.

This is where I need your help. I know we all have connections from our associations, careers and contacts, or simply know of companies in your circle that might be really interested in what we can offer. We need ten people who are fluent on the phone with good telephone manner, organised and able to allocate as much time as you care to gain commercial clients for us. We pay you $100 for every confirmed corporate booking that becomes an actual paid booking. By using our prepared email templates, we supply you an official simdeck email address and directions and guidance you can soon start to use your idle time to increase your income. For other events we have a scale of remmuneration rates. This is a genuine offer and if it is of interest please contact me on kevin[at]simdeck[dot]com.

Check out one of our random SimDeck slide shows here.

A very special offer 69 page magazine on Formula One and Interlagos

Here is a very special offer and free link featuring the elite world of Formula One Grand Prix. Fascinating insight to the historic win at Interlagos, reviews and photos from yesteryear. Free download! Get your copy today.

Grand Prix Magazine is available as a completely free download. Issue 034 Published 3 November 2008. Fascinating reading.

Grand Prix Magazine is available as a completely free download. Issue 034 Published 3 November 2008. Fascinating reading.

Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic World Championship victory in Interlagos was a remarkable event in motorsport history and rather than have to wait until paper magazines start to arrive at the end of the week, Formula 1’s first electronic magazine, the award-winning GP+ is offering a free magazine to anyone who wants to download it. The 60-page magazine is published as quickly as possible after each Grand Prix, the record being just four hours after the chequered flag.

If you download this e-magazine be sure to visit for a stunning range of memorabilia, artwork and books on Formula One and Can-Am. Rare insightful look into Formula One, McLaren Race Team, Jack Brabham by former Formula One Team Manager, Phil Kerr. Be sure to check out his book “To Finish First”

Auckland Event Managers Virtual Grand Prix 2008

Event Managers Virtual Grand Prix 2008.

Who really is the fastest Event Manager in Auckland?
Here is your chance to claim the victor’s mantel on a life like Formula One Circuit.

Who has the quickest response time, when to back off, can manage to head off the competition, knows how to cut corners, and a real team player? Can you manage the pressure of being a winner? Here is your unique chance to be part of a winning team in the latest concept that literally brings alive the high speed world of Formula One in a way never seen in NZ.

GO GO GO, its race time for all Event Managers, Conference Planners, Meeting Organisers and Facility Managers in Auckland to test their skills and experience the actual SimDeck PET250 race car. NZ's first full featured Formula styled race car / simulator.

GO GO GO, its race time for all Event Managers, Conference Planners, Meeting Organisers and Facility Managers in Auckland to test their skills and experience the actual SimDeck PET250 race car. NZ

SimDeck Formula Simulators would like to invite event organisers to experience and participate in this end-of-year launch of the life like, life size PET250 race car simulator. Join us as part of our familiarization programme for Event Managers, Conference Planners, Facility Managers and Meeting Organisers. This is our way of introducing to the industry, a unique attraction event and what better way than to get you into the hot seat….literally!

The SimDeck PET250 Race car is an actual Formula Race car that is also a race car simulator that blurs reality with virtual reality in a life size simulated world. You will experience all the same real time controls, split second timing, life size virtual reality screen, 900lb thrust vibration, and dynamic virtual engine sound. Designed for event attractions, break out activity, visitor experience and theme experience.

The SimDeck Event Managers Virtual Grand Prix will run over two allocated days where you are invited to drop in for a coffee and complete your laps in the SimDeck PET 250 simulator. Put together your team or race solo and lets find out who really is the Fastest Event Manager.

26 November 9am – 5pm or 28 November 9am – 5pm
Select a race slot every 15 minutes for your scheduled laps during either of the two days.

Simply check your diary for the most suited time slot and give us a call and we will get you into the cockpit speeding down the main straight. There is no charge for industry members to participate.

Unit 14, 6 Airborne Road, Albany, North Shore City, Tel 09-414 2348

Search Code akevmvgp

Formula One Race Circuits at SimDeck Formula Simulators

Motorsports and exactly Formula One captures the imagination of the public, sponsorship deals, the galmour of the Grid Models, the sound, audience, the lifestyle, huge payouts, logistical arrangements is all a sight to behold. Here at SimDeck we recreate some of that on track drama of various race circuits around the world that follow the F1 Championship.

From the night circuit in exotic Singapore to Silverstone in the UK, or where Lewis Hamilton created world history at the Brazil Interlagos circuit, we deliver the race experience in a life like environment in real race cars (PET250 model) or in our F1 Replica series in the ultimate simulation experience.

On this page we will post a series of the circuits of fascinating videos that describe the circuits you can race at the SimDeck Virtual Reality Centre. Belt up, hold on tight for the speed ride of your life.

Singapore Circuit
Chinese Circuit

Lewis Hamilton creates history for a race team name from NZ!

Motorsports history is created on the Interlagos circuit with seconds to spare. The Formula One 2008 final race started with Lewis Hamilton standing in good chance to deliver the race into the hands of the McLaren Race Team….a race team whose name hails from New Zealand race hero Bruce McLaren and whose pioneering legacy and achievements have given rise to the youngest F1 champion in its history. Check out the link to a fascinating history where the dream was established.

Here is a worthy video tribute to the driver from Auckland/NZ, Bruce McLaren who went onto be the vision that established the McLaren Motorsports Team.

New Zealand can now lay claim to what is a world first in Motorsports at the highest level of the sport. In the same year New Zealand (and Auckland precisely) and can lay claim to being the birth place of motorsports legends. Bruce McLaren who went onto establishing the McLaren Race Team currently owned by TAG and whose Lewis Hamilton won the F1 2008 series today and Scott Dixon the reigning Indy 500 Championship. I don’t know what it is whether, their mother’s spiked their infant baby bottles with petrol or their Dad’s used their nappies as oil rags in the garage, but what ever it was, the legacy of these kiwi drivers have converged two points in history that might never occur again…. but you never know, us Kiwi’s never accept never!
However prior to the last seconds of the race, Hamilton was in 6th place and seconds before the finish managed to squeeze into 5th place on the last corner…talk about a close shave. He had to get a 5th placing or better to win the 2008 series.

Here is a unique on board view of the track where history might just be made. Interlagos is one of the tracks you race race in the SimDeck simulators.

Here is the current standings:

01 Lewis Hamilton 94
02 Felipe Massa 87
03 Robert Kubica 75
04 Kimi Räikkönen 69
05 Nick Heidfeld 60
06 Fernando Alonso 53
07 Heikki Kovalainen 51
08 Sebastian Vettel 30
09 Jarno Trulli 30
10 Timo Glock 22
11 Mark Webber 21
12 Nelsinho Piquet 19
13 Nico Rosberg 17
14 Rubens Barrichello 11
15 Kazuki Nakajima 9

Photo sequence of the Brazilian F1 race where a 23year old becomes the highest paid sports person in the UK. Whilst you wont be winning that sort of money in the SimDeck race car simulator, you will get to experience an aspect of skill and controlled that is required for racing at such enormous speeds.

A Short Video History of Lewis Hamilton’s current race history.

Motorsports Clothing

Have you been looking for Jackets and Shirts for your favourite Formula One Motorsports Team? Well look no further as we bring you aN EXTENSIVE RANGE to keep you in style and supporting your favourite team, Ferrari, Renault, McLaren, Honda and numerous others. We have listed a few of the 300 clothing designs to give you an idea of the selection available. Please enquire to if there is a race team or design not shown and we will send you the catalogue listing.

Over 300 different designs of Jackets and Team shirts (and more keep coming) will keep you looking at your best with this wide selection. These are perfect as gifts, personal use and of course when you have a SimDeck Formula Experience. We will continue to add the designs to this web site, however if you need a particular team jacket or shirt please let us know and we will send a photo from our library just like those already pictured. In the meantime here are few to give you an idea of the quality and design.

Grade A Embroidery Lettering Quality, NOT printed logo, NOT screened logos! 100% Embroidered logos. Inside lining with polyester layer, Two outer pockets,one inside chest pocket, Zippers are fully lined entire the front length of the jacket. Material 65% microfiber, 35% cotton
Brand New. These garments are brand new, never been used and not second hand.
Size M (armpit-armpit 24″), Shoulder 20″, Sleeve 22″, Top to Bottom Length 27″
Size L (armpit-armpit 26″), Shoulder 21″, Sleeve 23″, Top to Bottom Length 28″
Size XL (armpit-armpit 27″), Shoulder 22″, Sleeve 24″, Top to Bottom Length 29″
Size XXL (armpit-armpit 28″), Shoulder 23″, Sleeve 25″, Top to Bottom Length 30″

Price Increase: Effective immediately all prices have increased 10% as of 15 December 2008.

DISCOUNT OFFER: Order a Team Shirt with a Jacket and receive a 10% discount off your order.
Please contact SimDeck on 09-414 2348 for further details on all clothing product or email

Cataloque Range

Honda Shirt and Jacket Range

Shipping: We now include world wide shipping free of charge. Thats right we pay your freight, to any country. Effective Immediately on all orders. 10 March 2009
All logo’s and trademark names are owned by their respective companies and are shown for illustrative purposes only. SimDeck is an independent distributor unaffilated to these companies.