Social media, the online world of social networks for business.

Some would call me a geeky nerd, well I am too handsome for that, however it is no denying I have alot of things in common with that category, moreso though I have had this life long involvement in communicating and networking in one form or another.

It started first by corresponding with a son of two doctors who lived in Romania in the early 1960’s, from there I learnt how to make chemicals to process film and paper to make photos, I progressed to video as soon as the Government took off the license restrictions. Today more than ever before communication in the business world on a global scale has changed the landscape for ever and is pretty much the core to what I do.

Would your company like a free blog like this blog here at SimDeck. I don’t mean the design but the concept, where you can communicate daily with your customers and visitors, where they can talk with you, where you can share with others. Bring your brand alive in the world of social online media.

If you book a SimDeck Simulator for your next commercial event, I’ll personally spend one hour with you compilmentary, showing you how you can get up and running within an hour for virtually zero cost with your own company blog.

For many though this social networking, Face Book, Blogging and a zillion other avenues must seem daunting to the new comer. Simulation racing and gaming is one industry where we have been online and very active as a community, we don’t just talk and race, but a huge amount of the networking is around problem solving, computer programmes, networked racing – imagine a global talk fest all talking at once,,,well we have the similar where it is talking and racing!, the various online communities all have their heros, champions, contributors, hosts. For example, if we had to rely on walking to a retail shop to get our software and that was the sum of the community interaction, then the simulation industry would be nothing ressembling what it is today.

From a business perspective, simulation & gaming is probably further down the track in this respect than many other industries, nevertheless we still face many core business growth, brand, customer experience, communication issues just like you.

I thought these two very valuable links might help your company to enter the world of Online Business Social Networking.

The first is from Valeria Maltoni from the Conversation Agent, and is a brilliant piece for those who want to start blogging and not sure where to start. Her comment sums it up nicely, ….”For businesses especially, people have come to expect that you have a Web presence. But, when they research you or your type of business, they prefer to read what others are saying about you, or they want to see you in action – read how you solve problems, what kind of expertise you have, etc.

Start a business blog today, as they will become the next must have communication tool for companies.

Start a business blog today, as they will become the next must have communication tool for companies.

The second is a free 32 page FREE ebook on Marketing in 2009, instigated by Valeria Maltoni featuring the contributions of 12 professional experienced online marketers and courtesy at the web site of the lovely Amber Naslund. Well worth reading whatever business you are in., actually let me rephrase… If you are in business you had better make this a must read.

Marketing in 2009, the year of the Great 21st Century Recession !

Marketing in 2009, the year of the Great 21st Century Recession !

Bonus Link Download – When you click on the above downlaod graphic, make sure you scroll to the bottom of Amber’s link, just above her photo is an excellent eBook (free for download to get you started in the world of blogging).

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