F1 World Champion Photo Gallery

Nice collection of race cars over the years.

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Get into Top Gear with SimDeck

Great fun, very addictive!

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The Top 10 Worst F1 Crashes Ever

Dedicated to the many famous and not so famous drivers who pushed the limits of speed, machine and control. To those who have worked to make the greatest spectator sport safer for drivers and audience.

Bugger. I wish it was only a bad dream.

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Virtual World crashes can be just as dramatic ending in the same result, carnage over the track, drivers dismissed from teams and oh so spectacular dismantling of machinery with sheer force, gravity and impact…tools your local mechanic might use if your not watching when he hits than stubborn bolt. No offence meant for our splendid mechanics and pit crews.

One of the aspects we observe when novice drivers take a simulator race car around the track is their inability to judge the rapid use of brakes, gears and acceleration, especially when they enter corners, chicanes etc. Though after about 10 minutes the confidence to travel 250kph + and to negotiate the corners and establishing drive lines begins to improve.

Driving an open cockpit car such as the Formula 1, A1GP, Indy 500 cars are akin to driving a rocket, plane, car all packaged in one package. For most though the visual rush of driving through a virtual or real world circuit at high speed is far removed from driving to their local super market. It is partly this adrenalin rush that excites many drivers in a SimDeck simulator. The relief a driver experiences after a virtual crash in a full size virtual world is often seen and heard as they realise their cockiness and over confidence has bought spells of laughter from the atching audience.

The great fear of course is that they will crash, however with circuit familiarity and driving skills and split second musicle memory skills, the ability to negotiate the circuit without crashing is greatly improved…until other cars appear of the circuit!

For those who have been affected by a car crash death, accident or injury this is not meant to belittle the impact. As one who has personally seen this we know that simulators have a very real world benefit in both racing and learning to drive. Many times it is driver judgement and level of driving ability that creates the carnage on our roads.

SimDeck to attempt speed record racing at the NZ Colour Fest

Plenty of activities for everyone.

Plenty of activities for everyone.

This unique and innovative outdoor art festival promotes quality art and artists, awarding excellence by way of reward in the field of art innovation and creativity. Its is a fun family day that children can enjoy.

The audience and participants will be entertained and interests held through the many stalls, including trade stands. The day will be filled with colour and live demonstrations with product suppliers, clowns, stilt walkers, graffiti art, slide shows and sideshow entertainment. With the international motorsports season having recently started with A1GP, Formula One is to start in March and the Indy series kicking off, plus the Euro Formula 3, SimDeck Formula Simulators will be there to add some high speed Formula 1 colour and action as one of the official supporters and promoters on the NZ Body Art Awards and related activities.

Lap Time Race Demonstration on the Kyalami Circuit.

Pro Sim Driver, Kevin Andreassend will also give demonstrations throughout the day, of racing on the South African Kyalami circuit where the latest A1GP event was held this pass weekend. Kevin will endeavour to match some of the fastest lap times set the previous weekend.
Final Race fastest lap: Monaco of 1.m 27.269s.
Fastest on Final Practice Day – Lebanon’s Daniel Morad recorded 1m 30.816s
Frances Nicolas Prost ended the rookie session quickest with a time of 1m 33.149s
Kiwi’s Earl Bamber Final race fastest lap was 01m:27.569s
To maintain some level of respectability Kevin needs to at least match America’s time of 01m:35.130s
Nigel Mansells (Formula One) fastest lap set in 1993 was 1m:36.39s.

Food and drinks will be available along with live music and creative dance & entertainment shows throughout the day.

This exceptional event has been initiated by The NZ Body Art Awards Team to foster, promote and extend the development of new art-forms throughout Auckland and New Zealand. We aim to inspire artists to look beyond the art that exists, to push their boundaries and create new concepts.

We acknowledge the high calibre of artists, models and tutors in the Auckland region that will enabled this festival to be an outstanding success. We compliment the artists as the thrill and buzz of these creations are the result of many hours of preparation, including timing, sculpting and designing the finished work.

The one-day interactive festival of colour is prelude to the international quality NZ Body Art Awards that has become the premier Body Art feature on the NZ calendar held in July 2009.

NZ Colour Fest Details
Date: 28 February, 2009
Location: Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna
Cost: FREE to enjoy all the outdoor festivities, $5 to enter the NZ Face Painting Competition.
Tickets will be available to purchase rides in the Formula Simulator.

A Guy’s Day Out where he can feed his ego.

Our Guy’s Day Out is an event for you to get a bunch of your mates together for some new age social bonding at the race track in our virtual world.


Ring around and get a group of friends, neigbours, club players, sports team folk together for an afternoon or evening of some fun racing together. We know that Kiwi guys are passionate about two things, motorsports and running the BBQ and so SimDeck gets you into Top Gear with this fun package that combine these two elements.

You provide the drinks, BBQ food and up to 12 enthusiastic drivers. We provide the venue, actual race car all set up and BBQ facilities. If you need Pit Girls to help you with your event we can supply some attractive and charming ladies at an additional cost. If required we have a 6m x 3m marque available.

Booking details
3 Hours duration. Extended time can be booked.
Each driver has approx 15 min spread thru the booking time
Prize for fastest driver who is able to beat me on Spa Franchorchamp. I’ll give $50 cash if the fastest driver amongst the group throughout the evening is able to beat my time.
We recommend no more than 12 drivers in a 3 hour event.
With less drivers drive time will be increased for each driver.
Cost $600 for the group up to 12 guys (or gals) for three hours.
If you have less drivers say around 6 drivers we can offer this programme for 2 hours at $500. Bonus challenge prize does not apply for 2 hour events.
Payment is based on one group payment and must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event.
This programme is suited for weekends only.

Between operating the BBQ, catching up with your mates over a drink, trying to impress them with your driving prowess, planning your excuses for such poor driving skills, observing the other drivers, you will spend a number of times on the track as you progress through circuit familarisation, qualifying and actual race laps.

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Create 1000's of on line followers

Create 1000's of on line followers

Click here to view more details on how to create 1,000’s world wide to follow your company and activities and your online profile in your own personal network.

Get into top gear with SimDeck.

SimDeck gets into top gear with the latest promotion that is aimed at all ages. Boy racers may have their cars crushed for racing on the streets, Greg Murphy will drive at a wall in high speed, holiday cars race north and create a bottle neck at the Pohoi tunnel. SimDeck offers the Top Gear test circuit in the open wheeler simulator for Top Gear the TV Theatre Show at the Auckland leg of the world tour.

The new monthly SimDeck promotion each month is designed to bring all the above elements together to test a driver’s quick adaptation to a very fast vehicle, an unfamilar circuit and rapid responsive action. It will require accurate acceleration, braking, maintaining the perfect drive line, stepping through the gears in a rapid motion with accurate timing.

Each driver will be given five minutes to race. In this time they will need to establish familiarity with the circuit and to establish one lap as their fastest that will be recorded. Before they visit the SimDeck Formula facility drivers can download the simulation software for free and drive the formula car and circuit to get in some off line practice prior to booking your race slot. Just follow the download instructions.

Get into top gear with SimDeck Promotion Details
Cost – $5. Payable on site
Promo Duration – February
– Steady hand
– Register on site prior to racing
– 10 years and older.
– Under 6ft tall
Prize – 60 minute simulator session with 3 friends.
Prize will be announced in first week of March on our web site and we will also contact you.
Winning driver’s race lap will be published on the internet
Booking your session
– Just ring the SimDeck Pit Office to see if your preferred time slot is available.
Rules and Details
No grid restarts.
All participants agree to have their photo, name and race video published.
All rights are retained by SimDeck Formula Simulators
Drivers can enter each month.
Drivers can only enter once per month.
Track to race on Blackwood Circuit
Vehicle – Formula Race vehicle
Duration format – Hotlap
Drivers are allowed to race as often as they wish offline before visiting SimDeck for their race.

We will be running this as a monthly race series competition so you’ll always be in top gear. For any boy racers who have had their cars crushed, get Mum to drop you off, Dad, if you’ve smashed your car in a crash out on Auckland streets, there is a bus stop 5 minutes away on Bush Road. For those who have lost their licence get on your bike in top gear to SimDeck Formula Simulators on Airborne Road in Albany. The Stig will be waiting to meet you and edge on to become the champion your Mum wants you to be.

Contact 09-414 2348 for any further information.