Bunnings World Speed attempt this weekend.

Join us for a day of attempts at the lap records at Kyalami Circuit

Join us for a day of attempts at the lap records at Kyalami Circuit

The Bunnings Warehouse North Shore Community Fun Day, will be an opportunity to see Lap Time Race Demonstrations on the African Kyalami Circuit, the scene of Formula One and more recently A1GP races.

Pro Sim Driver, Kevin Andreassend will give demonstrations throughout the day, of racing on the South African Kyalami circuit and will attempt to match some of the fastest lap times set during the recent A1GP series.

Final Race fastest lap: Monaco of 1.m 27.269s.
Fastest on Final Practice Day – Lebanon’s Daniel Morad recorded 1m 30.816s
Frances Nicolas Prost ended the rookie session quickest with a time of 1m 33.149s
Kiwi’s Earl Bamber Final race fastest lap was 01m:27.569s
To maintain some level of respectability Kevin needs to at least match America’s time of 01m:35.130s
Nigel Mansells (Formula One) fastest lap set in 1993 was 1m:36.39s.

Between record attempts members of the public will be able to purchase tickets and try their hand at racing in the SimDeck race car simulator and set their own record attempt.

Actual on board cameras from drivers at the Kyalami Circuit.

The demonstrations will be an apt reminder for the public, that driving is a skill needing constant assessment, whether it is a Formula Driver or a family driver. Sadly as this bulletin is being posted tonight, five people have just been killed in the south of Auckland in wet dark conditions taking a corner to fast. Some will say it was an accident, I would say it is an error of judgment. The NZ Government places a cost of $5,000,000 for each death on our roads – a huge cost on the community. Maybe it is time the Government started to seriously consider driving simulators as part of the training and licensing regime. They are a common training tool in many areas and in some places compulsory. Given that licensing costs are about to increase for ACC, maybe its time to stop leaching motorists and improve driving skills by giving them real tools to learn. Leave your thoughts, I’d be interested to hear them and for further indepth thoughts I have blogged here about the role of professional simulators in teaching drivers to drive their family car.

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