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I am constantly offered HOT software tools, eBooks with know how, pro secrets everyday. I also meet many people who are struggling to be confident in using the internet, how to use all the Web 2 environment tools and opportunities to a business advantage, setting their profile in cyberspace, creating a dynamic social media experience and the like. To give you a small example I receive more enquiries for our multi touch products from one of my other companies coming from a forum posting on the net, than any advert I have ever printed in a newspaper or magazine. You can do the same and achieve the same success without spending $1. Cyberspace has changed your industry and business forever.

One person who has agreed to allow me to share his expertise for free with you is SEO Guru Brad Callen who lives up in US motorsports city Indiannaopolis.

I have two VERY POWERFUL tools from Brad, here to gift to you. One is a 90 page eBook that reveals the secrets of Search Engine Optimisation. It is packed full of layman explanations (no geek talk), links to live examples, videos, enhanced software tools. The second is Brad’s software tool that allows you to “Secretly Spy On & Uncover Anyones Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time! Download This Revolutionary New Keyword Research Tool Below!” It cost Brad $US127,000 and 8 months to develop so grab it whilst he is feeling generous!

A Gurus Guide to SEO

A Gurus Guide to SEO

Free web sites and hosting.

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