Replica F1 Series

simdeck-headerThese are by far our fastest simulators where you can attain speeds of over 300 kph. One could say these are the fastest computers on wheels, but really they are a result of our dedication to create the reality in virtual reality and recaptures the ambience and speed in a life like platform. Our vehicles are all full size and many make fantastic static displays even without the simulation hardware.

Ranging from the earliest 1915 Grand Prix race cars to the very latest designs, we aim to be true to the experience. Using the latest virtual reality simulation software you can race these cars on the very same tracks where they made their mark and made champions of their driver. Now its your turn to race them in a virtual world where you have converged reality with virtual reality. Hence our motto, “We put the reality into virtual reality”
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Typically after 15 minutes in one of our simulators with a full life size screen you will emerge from the car with every bone shaken and your teeth chattering due to you being shaken due to the constant vibrations from the road, kerbing and engine…and thats without the motion platform option!

Replica F1 Series.
The Simdeck Replicate series of Formula One race car simulators are the highest detailed replicates available. The extremely faithful SimDeck Formula 1 race car simulators are full licensed authentic reproductions and are also ideal as free standing show cars.

These full size cars bring alive the high speed experience in a unique immersive virtual world with the latest technologies.

These full size cars bring alive the high speed experience in a unique immersive with the latest technologies.

Our full size Formula One replicate series vehicles is based on actual vehicles from the various race teams and finished in High Gloss paint work or appropriate colours according to the team. The shape and size is fully authentic and unless you lifted the motor cowling, it appears as an actual race track ready car.

The cars can be delivered with your full company livery and logos to complete the brand statement. Please note we do not offer 3rd party logos and we have shown these in the images for your reference only.

Each car is fitted with commercial grade accurate simulation pedals, controls and sensory inputs. We offer two grades of simulation integration – Commercial and Professional. Please note we do not use cheaper consumer grade systems.

To achieve the perfect life size image in an well lit environment we highly recommend our ICE Digital Daytime lens screens 2m or larger for immersive experiences. We can offer a variety of solutions from Single Channel – 3 Channel with a variety of display options and combinations.
Accurately styled F1 Chassis made in top quality fibre glass – Authentic F1 styled detachable Steering Wheel, Front Nose Cone,
Totally authentic F1 seat with race harness – Realistic full size front suspension & brake arrangements. – Full size nose cone
Build quality and strength ensures ruggedness for simulation and public display. – F1 Wheels, Tyres & F1 Wing mirrors. –
Length 4.70m x Width 1.95m x Height 1.2m – Material Fibreglass, metal and rubber – Volume 11 CBM – Nett Weight 300kg
. Industrial grade simualtion pedals and steering system – Built in sound system. Computer fully enclosed. Motion platform is optional
Please note we are constantly enhancing, refining, adding to our simulation systems.

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