Curved Simulation Screens

Curved screens are required for the immersive visualisation experience and are a crucial centre piece of any simulator. ICE AV, sister company to SimDeck Formula Simulators has announced its new range of curved screens for the professional, commercial and high-end market application.

The ICE Digital Daytime Curved screens are designed for multi-channel display, visualisation and simulation applications.

They are designed for wrap around views in vehicle simulators such as ship bridges, helicopter, race car, train, aviation, commercial excavation, truck simulators – Essentially anywhere that requires the viewer to engage with a life like and life size virtual world.

The screens can also be used in environments for interactive displays, or for example in expos where the visitor has an immersive visual experience,

120 Deg curved screen with raised pedestal stand for raised height platform simulators.

120 Deg curved screen with raised pedestal stand for raised height platform simulators.

ICE Curved Screens come in rigid frame and flexible screen configurations in standard and custom sizes as required and are suitable for 3D or stereoscopic applications.

With the growing importance of simulation in aviation,  motor sports, industrial platforms, the display surface has an increasing role. Of course in motor sports and because we are passionate about high speed motor sports simulation – in particular with Indy 500, Formula One and other open wheeler types, the surround screen experience at a life size level is absolutely crucial. This is where the ICE Cylindrical Screen is vital for any pro installation. Whilst not behind the budget of a serious simulator enthusiast they are particularly targeted towards the commercial installation.

Feel free to download the brochure from here. If you need a proposal for your simulation screen drop us a line. The screen pictured below despite the size (5m wide)  ships in  under 2 cubic meters size.

Contact ICE AV Technology Ltd, sales @ iceav. co .nz, Tel 0064-9-414 2348

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