Ostendo Curved 43″ Monitor

You are going to need a larger desk, racing rig to handle this mazing immersive screen. The 43-inch CRVD™ Curved Display is the world’s first curved desktop monitor, offering vivid LED colors and blazing fast response time. And with a 90° field of view, it doesn’t just expand the screen — it expands your whole experience.

Ostendo Curved 43" Seamless Monitor

CRVD is Ostendo’s revolutionary new scalable technology that allows us to build curved-screen displays that offer unparalleled performance and immersion. The CRVD’s smooth curvature along with its vivid LED colors and blazing fast response time draw the user in and create an experience unlike that of any other monitor.

The CRVD monitor can actually be tripled up to have 3 screens placed in the ultimate visual surround mode. Now that might be an over kill for spreadsheets, but for simulation, gaming, visualisation, computer graphics  and video production then this added visual real estate is something to die for.

Please contact ICE AV Technology Ltd direct if you have an interest in this amazing display technology.  Contact sales at iceav.us or sales at iceav.co.nz

Price: $US6499. Excludes local State taxes, freight and for international clients they will face additional customs import costs.

On public show at CES 2010, Las Vegas. January. Shared Stand with AMD

This is what you have you’ve missed out on.

The CRVD’s ultra-wide 32:10 aspect ratio is 180% wider than 16:9 displays and 240% wider than 4:3, letting you see more of what’s important.

Expand your desktop before your eyes.

With its roomy 2880-by-900 pixel resolution, the CRVD will expand your desktop and give you extra space to be more productive.  Research has shown that wide desktops improve productivity more than 30% compared to a single monitor.

Blazing fast.

The CRVD Monitor has a blistering fast response time of less than .02 milliseconds, so there’s no ghosting in moving images and animation.

Ostendo comparison

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