School Fund Raiser

schools-header-banner_02We have developed a fund raising Formula One opportunity for schools in Auckland and particularly on the North Shore who want to use the Formula Race car simulator experience to raise funds for their school.

We have FOUR FUND RAISING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMMES for schools wishing to take advantage of the SimDeck Formula Simulator experience.

One – The gifting of vouchers
for time in the SimDeck Race Car.
Two – Auction Vouchers. These tend to be valued at least $150 up to $800 or more. We have a reserve on these and offer additional bonuses making them ideal for fund raising in auctions and similar fund raising methods.
Three – School Fairs where the Formula Simulator can be a draw crowd in its own right to help ensure to get a good crowd along and for selling rides in the simulator.
Four – SimDeck VenueThis page describes in detail how you can use our venue for the day to run a virtual Grand Prix.

The School’s Formula One Fund Raiser programme is an initiative to allow schools to raise funds centered around a day long virtual F1 Virtual GP held at the SimDeck facilities here in Albany with the full size actual race car, the PET250 Race Car simulator.

Advantage for the school.
With relatively little effort the school is able to run a unique fund raising event. The race venue is all prepared here at the SimDeck facilities including the full size actual race car simulator.

Schools provide man power to run the BBQ and the initiative to promote the event amongst their school pupils and parents on a scheduled Saturday or the particular designated day.

In the courtyard a BBQ facility has been setup allowing a sausage sizzle / drinks to be prepared and cooked as folk arrive that can be run by parent / student help.

We believe this partnership as a fund raiser with the school allows a lot of fun to be gained by the student drivers and their parents, and is a unique experience that students easily understand and a no fuss way to raise funds.

The scheduling of the event is dependent on how quickly the school can promote the event.


The Simdeck Formula F1 Simulator venue is all prepared.– School promotes the event to staff, students and parents thru school notices, on their web site and word of mouth.
– School organises and supply a team of people to run the sausage sizzle throughout the day and help manage the visitors.
– School supplies the gas bottle, food and drinks that are sold as part of the event.
– This will help in your fund raising as you make a small profit on the food sold.
– SimDeck supplies the BBQ.
– Can operate wet or sunshine.
– We can supply a 3m x 6m marquee if needed.

The duration of the event could be 6 – 8 hours typically on a weekend during one full day, when through out the day families and students would arrive for racing.

The activity consists of racing on a life like, life size actual race track for 3 laps to find the champion race car driver from the participating student.

All times are recorded.

We recommend that the school package the ticket to include the simulator race car drive, sausage sizzle and can of soft drink.

1/ Base payment to SimDeck Formula Simulator. $250
2/ Plus 50% of the ride portion of the ticket cost. (We are currently waiveringt this fee, now your group can raise even more).
We would recommend that a ticket cost per ride would be $10 – $20 per student. However the cost to participate would be in discussion with the school. Student cost and an adult cost.

Drivers and their Families would pay as they arrive on the day.

We would anticipate that 8 – 10 drivers per hour would be able to race.

Marketing material
We are able to record a promo video with say a student or head teacher in the car promoting the event, that could be uploaded to Youtube or the school’s web site.

We have a range of graphic material that the school can use to help illustrate and promote the event either for posters, flyers or on the school web site. We are able to add an announcement to the Simdeck Web site and submit it to EventFinder. School staff could add a promo link in all staff emails sent out.

Secure Your Virtual Event Today
We are now taking bookings for 2009. Please contact us on 414 2348 or sales[at]simdeck[dot]com Your more than welcome to come in for a test drive and see for yourself the most realistic life like high speed race car simulator in NZ!

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