Boy Racer Parties

The on road speed rush is brought alive in a realistic virtual world in the SimDeck experience. Formual One simulation can really only be experienced in a life size virtual world and so we take this experience far beyond the computer desktop.

We know that teenagers and adults are demanding and know a fake from the real experience. That is why we have worked hard to create an experience that will leave you sweating, reluctant to emerge from the car, and when you do, you’ll be buzzing all over from the visual rush and immersive environment we have created. Adults typically tell us “that is addictive”.

Wrapped and ready to put his driving skills to the test.

Wrapped and ready to put his driving skills to the test.

If you are organising a party or 21st we know you want to be able to impress your guests with what you have organised and more so with your driving. There is nothing worst than being the host of your own party and where you can not set a good impression on the girls with your uncanny driving skills. Of course it goes without saying we know your ego is at stake with your mates.

If you host a SimDeck Party with the PET250 race car simulator we have a very special bonus for you.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you book the SimDeck experience and once your booking has been processed we will invite you to our venue where you can bring either your best mate or boy/girlfriend for 30 minutes of practice race time. We know that this will put you ahead of your guests when it really matters, your ego will remain in intact and your boy/girlfriend will be most impressed.

Struggling to find a unique birthday or party experience?

Well we have a world unique experience, that will have everyone buzzing. The SimDeck Pet250 race car is a real car that we race in live virtual life life world’s…the ultimate simulator!

Click on the email link now or simply give us a call 09-414 2348 to discuss your party.

We offer ONSITE AND OFF SITE Party and Birthday Simulator experiences.
Your place or race at the SimDeck Virtual Reality Centre.

Instead of sitting around the BBQ discussing the weather, we get you in the drivers seat in a virtual Grand Prix. Suddenly your driving ability is keenly highlighted as you grace the circuit lap after lap or your ego is sharply flattened as you justify the smashed up virtual car you are trying to limp back into the Pits.

The SimDeck GP is an ideal way to entertain your guests and brings the rubber burning real world activities right into a life like virtual world.

Parties at your venue: For the birthday event we deliver the PET250 simulator car all ready for racing and requires minimal setup before the engine screams into action. Typically it remains on the mobile simulation transporter and all we require from the host is a 230 VAC power supply. The experience can occur any time of the day or night. For daytime applications we might need to shade the sides off if it is a very bright sunny day.

The unique apsect of the SimDeck Simulator car setup is the emphasis on providing the experience for both AUDIENCE and DRIVER. This is a crucial aspect for group events, as the driver is not isolated from the audience and is still within ear shot of abuse, unhelpful driver comments, “back seat driver” comments or encouragement from the girl friend. With the audience standing around the vehicle the 4 on board car camera’s and large ICE Digital Daytime Screen keeps everyone engaged throughout the event.

Off Site – Typical race time bookings is a minimum of 2 hours. Race time is usually allocated 5-10 minutes per person.
Delivered Setup and ready to experience 2 hours of race time – $650 (GST Incl) We run special bonus promotions from time to time that we only offer to call ins so make sure you telephone us as we may just have one waiting for you.

On Site at the SimDeck Race Facilities –
Minimum Time is 1 hr booking – recommended no more than 6 person or 10 people for 2 hours.

If you wish to receive further information please contact us for a booking form and full cost options. Telephone PIt Crew Office 09-414 2348

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