The Top 10 Worst F1 Crashes Ever

Dedicated to the many famous and not so famous drivers who pushed the limits of speed, machine and control. To those who have worked to make the greatest spectator sport safer for drivers and audience.

Bugger. I wish it was only a bad dream.

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Virtual World crashes can be just as dramatic ending in the same result, carnage over the track, drivers dismissed from teams and oh so spectacular dismantling of machinery with sheer force, gravity and impact…tools your local mechanic might use if your not watching when he hits than stubborn bolt. No offence meant for our splendid mechanics and pit crews.

One of the aspects we observe when novice drivers take a simulator race car around the track is their inability to judge the rapid use of brakes, gears and acceleration, especially when they enter corners, chicanes etc. Though after about 10 minutes the confidence to travel 250kph + and to negotiate the corners and establishing drive lines begins to improve.

Driving an open cockpit car such as the Formula 1, A1GP, Indy 500 cars are akin to driving a rocket, plane, car all packaged in one package. For most though the visual rush of driving through a virtual or real world circuit at high speed is far removed from driving to their local super market. It is partly this adrenalin rush that excites many drivers in a SimDeck simulator. The relief a driver experiences after a virtual crash in a full size virtual world is often seen and heard as they realise their cockiness and over confidence has bought spells of laughter from the atching audience.

The great fear of course is that they will crash, however with circuit familiarity and driving skills and split second musicle memory skills, the ability to negotiate the circuit without crashing is greatly improved…until other cars appear of the circuit!

For those who have been affected by a car crash death, accident or injury this is not meant to belittle the impact. As one who has personally seen this we know that simulators have a very real world benefit in both racing and learning to drive. Many times it is driver judgement and level of driving ability that creates the carnage on our roads.