Promoting high speed racing and driver safety go hand in hand.

Most people tend to think of Formula One, A1GP and other motor race sports as all about high speed, competition and galmour. Behind all motorsports events, bodies and organisations world wide stands the governing body – FIA who is deadly serious about reducing road deaths world wide.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations.

Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris, the FIA is a non-profit making association. It brings together 219 national motoring and sporting organisations from 130 countries on five continents. Its member clubs represent over 100 million motorists and their families.

As you start to reflect on what causes road deaths, in many cases it is speed relative to the conditions, environments and driver ability. High speed motorsports racing at 300kph is deadly dangerous so it might surprise many folk there are serious initiatives and ongoing development continually that the FIA, Formula One drivers and the World Bank act on to reduce road deaths and injuries. Currently deaths worldwide each year are about 1.2 million. For those who have family, friends, colleaques who have died or been injured in a car accident you will know the devasting affect this has for years to come.

Robert Kubica's high-speed crash at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.

Robert Kubica's high-speed crash at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.

SimDeck believes that it’s expertise in high speed simulation has a vital role to play in driver training in race and non-race situations. Though open wheeler race cars are designed for one thing – driving fast, it is always with the understanding to do it as safely as possible. To do this, familarity with the car, the circuit and environment is crucial.

FIA along with its various sections and Formula One drivers are constantly rasing the profile of driver safety out on city streets and country roads. Here at Simdeck Formula Race simulators, our events and perception is that even in simulation whether it be for entertainment, promotional or driver training, safety is paramount. So enjoy the experience in our life-like like-size race car simulators, but remember speed can kill and you can influence your own attitudes, behaviour and most of all driving skill when you race with SimDeck Formula Simulators.

Here is an insight to what Spain is doing to reduce road kill.

Informative range of activities from FIA on reducing road deaths both on the race circuit and off.

Five days before a hectic race weekend…and counting down!!!

Well the time to head back on the track is fast approaching with the Speedshow here in Auckland.

SimDeck will recreate what will now go down in history as one of NZ’s most famous motorsports achievements when Scott Dixon won the May 2008 Indy 500. With Scott’s winning car on display and a scheduled appearance it only seemed fitting that we give visitors to the show a 0.01% taste on what that incredible achievement is and for Scott’s name to go into the realm of legends.

We have made some minor upgrades to the PET250 race car in the sensory department, and have further immediate plans after the Speedshow for an additional indepth integration in some areas that will further immerse drivers, audience and race management into the virtual world. So come race weekend we expect to see many egos bruised and reputations enhanced. We will try and have the photos and videos uploaded as soon as we can after next weekend.

Thank goodness the F1 was held in Monsa and not Houston! Evenso I see the pit garages were getting flooded with water due to a heavy downpour….anyone got a spare mop:-)

You may well ask is race simulation just for kids games and boys who have never grownup, or simply those who did not have the connections, dollars or opportunities to actually race cars in the real world. 

In a break between work, young Josh could not resist jumping in the tub for a few laps at Blackwood.

In a break between work, young Josh could not resist jumping in the tub for a few laps at Blackwood.

Most associate race simulation with gaming. In itself it would not be in-accurate to call it gaming, however the SimDeck experience and others, take this to a whole new dimension. Compare it to a $100 Microsoft Flight sim programme which is actually used to teach pilots how to fly,,  however as with a Boeing or F16 fighter pilot who train in a simulator,  many race car drivers consider training in a race car simulator crucial to their skill development for winning in the real world. MacLaren race team have a simulator that have cost in the hundreds of $1,000 ..upwards of $2mil I recall. As for the Simdeck simulators these sell for well over what most people could afford for the family car. So yes there are similarities with the gaming industry and many aspects do intersect with the race simulation industry which is a whole new breed that we are implementing for entertainment, training, team building and the like.

As an example from our friends over at BEDFORD, MA (29 May 2008) — What a difference a month (and some simulation time) makes — Ryan Dalziel and Henri Zogaib finished second in the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series event at Virginia International Raceway in April. Less than four weeks later, following intensive pre-race preparation with iRacing simulation software, the pair drove their SAMAX BMW Riley Daytona Prototype to victory at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, a track that Zogaib had never even visited, much less driven.

To make the challenge that much greater, a fuel-cell leak wiped out the SAMAX team’s first practice session and much of the second, which left Zogaib, a Daytona Beach businessman, with only six laps of the circuit before he had to qualify. “It was immense pressure,” Zogaib recalled. “But with the time I spent in the simulator I was able to understand the track. I’m very pleased with the iRacing software; it was very informative in the specific details of all the corners. It gave me a level of comfort with the circuit that allowed me to do what I needed to do in a tough situation.”

A fascinating piece of simulation technology history reinforces, that race car simulation was first demonstrated and used in the 1960’s…well before computers were in common existance. First seen in public on global TV in one of the most high suspense TV series  where it featured for one episode. I’ll write about it in a future Diary entry, but it is a classic piece of history that resurfaced in recent years.

Post Show Comment: TV One Saturday 6pm news item closes with the SimDeck PET250 open wheeler race car simulator. Further full report with photos and videos will appear on this site.
Late breaking news also just released is the news that Graham McRae is relaunching his motorsports career. SimDeck hopes to have Graham in the PET250 simulator in the very near future…maybe we just might be able to give him a head start to get that precision edge back 😉

Now no entry in the the diary would be complete without some current TV replays, so check out some recent video broadcast of recent virtual world Grand Prix. These cars are being driven by real people in a virtual world and driving cars that mimic with stunning uncanny accuracy their real world counterparts. For the average person this footage could easily fool the average person into thinking this was a TV replay broadcast. So ok fellow racers prepare to impress there is a world-wide audience watching.


FSR 2008 WC

Here at the SimDeck Sim centre we held some practice sessions on the Indy track over this last weekend with a full compilment of 2008 cars and are truely looking forward to see Scott Dixon visit the Speed Show and participate in a crowd drawing race.  Hey it is one thing to be able to win a realk world race…but can he win in the virtual world…the real test of any driver 🙂

FSR 2008 WC – Silverstone

Our new team member / driver Marcus dropped by and he gave the upgrade his approval. Our Junior Mentoring Programme is underway with young Josh spending Saturday afternoon here at the HQ Sim Office helping out and learning some new skills. Further progress ahs been made in fitting out the new sim area to cater for the demand ot manage private race parties, birthday events, driver training and demo’s for our growing list of corporate clients.

FSR 2008 WC – Round 10 Pro Series.

In a break between work, young Josh could not resist jumping in the tub for a few laps at Blackwood.

In a break between work, young Josh could not resist jumping in the tub for a few laps at Blackwood.

Well the time to head back on the track is fast approaching with the Speedshow here in Auckland and Scott Dixon’s winning Indy 500 car to be on display.

Your License to Kill … legally acquired

Your License to Kill … legally acquired!

The sub heading maybe provocative, however hear me out first. Getting a driver’s licence is one of those things we do as an act of passing thru to adult hood….at least in most developed countries. However it is a topic hotly associated with opinions, politics and subjected to huge peer pressure. On this page I would like to explore this topic and hopefully raise some conversation.

3 months after I was born, my mother’s elder brother and others were killed in a horrific accident many years ago one evening in South Canterbury. The death had a devasting effect on the family and to this day many many years later is an event that brimmers just below the surface in the family’s emotional countenance. As  a youngster growing up I was very aware of the Uncle I never knew and only experienced in the family photo’s. Today I had a parent ring me whose son was in a terrible accident who has lost his peripheral sight and joins the ever growing list of parents whose lives have had a knife stuck in and twisted. For the some the knife will never come out. The caller rang about driving simulators and driver training which has prompted this page and probably not surprising is a subject close to my heart where my company has an emerging activity.

First I would like to share a telling video that might be helpful and if you are a parent who has lost a child because of a car crash they may have particular relevance. Probably moreso if you have teenage children driving right at this moment or about to get their license. My question to you as a caring parent is … Are you setting them up to be killed or kill and are you aware of the devastation that could rip through your family, any hour, day or sometime this year …  a sobering thought I think all parents should think about and discuss witrh their teens. 

Simulators for driver training – Modern technology that is saving lives, raising skills, awareness and how it can save the heartbreak families are experiencing every day around the globe. If only YOUR teenager had been properly trained, tested and evaluated they could have been having dinner with you tonite. Make sure you watch the following video because it could easily have been your child teenager under observation in the simulator.

A very enlightening video from MSNBC that may well have you rethinking about your teenage driving children

One family that lost a son, in a sole car accident has gone onto influence and save teenage deaths. Joshua Brown’s death has gone as far as affecting  US State law. Joshua Brown Organisation If you wish to contact them …. Contact Brad Klaus at (678) 797-2303 or

The New Zealand Government places the cost of one single death on our roads at $5 million dollars (their published figures) and a non fatal accident at $500,000. This sobering cost to our society and national purse should make every Government sit up and determine to do something about. Will we see National, Labour, Act, Greens or the Maori Party make any affective promises in the forth coming election campaign … I doubt it, though there might be a policy published about raising the driving age or higher fines … but I am not holding my breath for a 21st Century solution policy for driver training. From where I sit if every traffic fine was dedicated to a 21st century answer to driver training, then your children, loved ones, partners are more likely to get home alive tonight. I think you’ll all agree with me hurting the pocket does not teach you to be a better driver.

Another American family has gone through the same gut wrenching, life changing event … here is their story …. A 15-year-old girl, killed in a car crash. She, the passenger in the car. The driver, a teenager himself. Now, more than two years later, the victim’s father is on a mission.

Michelle Sanderbeck had gone out with a group of teenagers to get ice cream but she never made it back home. She was killed on a winding road in Montville Township. She’d been a passenger in the back seat of a car, driven by another teenager, who lost control around a curve and crashed. Michelle was the only one in the car who was killed. The other teens were injured.

Michelle’s family, devastated, is now trying to save other parents from the same agony they’ve experienced. Ray and Debbie Sanderbeck, Michelle’s parents, are turning their pain into something positive. Ray has volunteered his time to teach teenagers how to drive safely. Read their full story and subsequent efforts here. And to think it all started because of a simple innocent quick trip to buy an ice cream!

The smell of burning rubber and roar of the engine!

The unique sound of Formula One.
A BAR backfires when braking down before Ascari at Monza (1999)

Welcome to the high octane virtual world of Simdeck Simulators and Principal Driver Kevin Andreassend.

Who is SimDeck and what is a professional simulation race car driver? Two tightly interwinded questions that are a reflection of the growing number of companies that blur virtual and real world technologies that has only become possible in recent years without having to resort to top secret military budgets and technologies.

SimDeck Simulators is the brain child of New Zealand based technology entreprenuer Kevin Andreassend and is currently a trading division of his ICE AV Technology Ltd company The core focus of SimDeck Simulators is to bring to market a range of high tech virtual reality platforms for training, entertainment, team building, corporate activities and private use.  The first platform bought to market is the open cockpit Formula styled race car. It is available in a variety of models including Replica Formula One Models, Two seater rally, and the PET250 open cockpit. Future platforms will include two military aviation platforms that will allow pilots to take to the skies to do some “business”.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Building race car/simulators has allowed Principal Driver, Kevin Andreassend to establish a new career option as a Formula Race Car Sim Driver. “Having ones own race car manufacturing company allows me to indulge in what some might perceive to be the ultimate job of simulation driving, high speed action and turning this into a profitable business with a strong international focus”.

If you are interested in learning some more of my Professional Profile when I am not racing please visit me at Professional Profile

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