F1 Melbourne Circuit Open House this weekend at SimDeck in our F1 Simulator

The Formula One 2009 Season gets underway in hours and we’re celebrating with a Special F1 Open House so you can also race on the Melbourne circuit. The cars are new, the rules have changed a season of drama is about to unfold, so here is your chance to get behind the wheel of an actual real open wheeler race car and take it out onto the virtual Melbourne track.

NZ’s only current Formula One driver Brendan Hartely, will be NOT be driving in the Red Bull team after all the anticipation since his super licence never came thru in time, so we think it is only fitting that you will be driving the virtual version of his car around Melbourne. Come and experience a high speed adrenalin rush in the life size and life like virtual SimDeck world.

STOP PRESS – Breaking News TODAY, Kiwi Company brings Formula One to a new level of realism for the world to experience for the first time this weekend. Click here for details.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR PARENTS – Here is something fun you can do with your children THIS WEEKEND.

We are looking forward for all boy racers, mums with a burning ambition to lay some rubber, youngsters who one day dream of owning their own race car, and adults reliving some lost dreams to step up to the challenge and try a few laps on a virtual race circuit in a Formula race car. Your chance to celebrate being a Kiwi Champion on the first weekend of the 2009 Formula One season.

With speeds of over 300kph, split second timing, accurate driving lines and serious concentration we expect to see some nervous drivers taking the controls.

There is a small charge of $5 per driver which will give you at least 5 minutes or more in the car.

This experience is unique in NZ that has previously has not been readily available in NZ. The enormous 2.5m wide virtual reality screen puts you into a full life size virtual world where you feel every bump of the road and shudder of the engine as you race an actual race car.

Melbourne Formula One Track

Recent visitors have been espousing how life like the experience is which is what we are aiming to achieve and to take the realism way beyond what people can re-create at home.

This is what North Shore Mayor and now boy racer, Andrew Williams had to say.
I had the real pleasure of trying out the SimDeck Formula Race car simulator at a function I attended in May 2008 – and I’ve got to say that the whole experience was something I could imagine you could very easily get hooked on!

The sheer exhilaration of feeling like you are actually driving a high performance vehicle at speeds of up to 300kph left me as a total convert to this concept which is truly exciting and immensely challenging to those among us who are Formula One followers.

A combination of life size virtual world images, real time dash gauges, vibration sensory feedback and enough sound to recreate the on-track atmosphere resulted in a blurring of reality and virtual reality for me and made the racing seem absolutely realistic. Andrew William, North Shore City Mayor, http://www.northshorecity.govt.nz

If you want to get a few tips on driving at high speed, then this link will help you get into the correct frame of mind…see you on the Starting Grid!
Location Unit 14, 6 Airborne Road, Albany, North Shore
Open Day
Date Saturday March 28 9am – 5pm and Sunday 29 March 1.30pm – 5.30pm
Car parking – Street and visitor (designated) is available. SimDeck. Lookout for the race driver on the balcony.
Cost – Only $5 per driver for 5-10 minutes for a few laps.

Look out for our driver and you'll know you're in the right place, or if you can see the activity of visitors waiting their turn.

Look out for our driver and you'll know you're in the right place, or if you can see the activity of visitors waiting their turn.

Where is the direction of Formula One heading…visit this article to see why the Middle East may be crucial in the F1 calendar and how Russia and the USA may shift the focus of Formula away from the European Circuits.

Press Release

Car parking available in the marked Visitors Car Parking or out on the street.

Car parking available in the marked Visitors Car Parking or out on the street.

Melbourne’s Mt Albert Park Circuit

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