End of Year Entertainment

SimDeck Formula One Simulator

Well the finish line is well in sight and who will take the winners flag? You still have time to book the Simdeck Race Car simulator for you end of year staff Christmas function before the final lap. Bring the high speed action home to your Xmas event with SimDeck Formula Simulators.

Re-create the experience of Lewis Hamilton, Scott Dixon, Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart and others!

The SimDeck PET250 Race Car converges the real world of motor sport with virtual reality in a way never before experienced and allows you to race an actual race car in a life like, life size virtual world and recreate real world race experiences.

Guaranteed to entertain and engage, as you put your skills on the line in the SimDeck Formula One Virtual Grand Prix. Reputations will be challenged, egos tested and emotions run high in your Virtual Grand Prix where you discover YOUR champion driver.

SimDeck will create your unique race experience at your very own Xmas function in the full size PET250 Race car virtual reality system.

We deliver the SimDeck Simulator to your venue for a life size, 120 minute experience in high-speed virtual reality.

Our Xmas OfferSimDeck Grand Prix event 120 minutes $700.00 incl. GST(Valued at $ 787.50) Based on Trailer mounted SimDeck Simulator Race Car.


  • Customised vehicle labelling anc colour scheme – actual and virtual car.
  • Virtual trackside company branded bill boards
  • Race suits available for drivers
  • YouTube Video promotions – create your company online
  • Exclusive Track side Real Time Web Time Score
  • Content made available for company newsletter, industry news and web site.
  • We are specialist in converging Simulation and Social Media concepts and opportuntities
  • Race suits and Jackets available as Xmas Gifts.

For more information please contact our Race Office (09) 414 4238 / (027) 647 2267 (Kevin)sales@simdeck.com or visit http://www.f1speedexperience.com

Special Web Site Only Bonus. Mention this winning code and receive and additional 30 minutes race time free. Promotion can not be combined with other discounts. Code Simdeck09

Formula One exhibition brings the race experience to windy Wellington

The exhibition tells the story of winning driver Bruce McLaren, whose legacy lives on in Formula One racing with Team McLaren featuring in the starting grid of every major Formula One race since 1966 and marks the 50th anniversary of New Zealand’s first Formula One Grand Prix victory at the 1959 US Grand Prix.

New Zealand’s other greats, Denny Hulme and Chris Amon, are also celebrated. All three began their careers at New Zealand racing events, and their early victories here laid the basis for their international success – a pattern which continues today with upcoming drivers like Brendon Hartley. Teenage friend and best mate Phil Kerr of Bruce McLaren, now resident in Auckland along with Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley were the three hired guns that created the organisation that manages the Formula One series today.

Nine Formula One cars will be on display, including the incredibly successful Cooper T51; Brabham BT20; McLaren-Honda MP4/4; Williams FW14B; and the mighty Ferrari F2004. The exhibition traces the design and technological innovations that have driven the sport from the 1950s to the 2000s, as well as the personalities that front it. New Zealand’s only manufacturer of full size full bodied actual race car simulators, SimDeck Formula Simulators, joins an elite group that is working towards similar success bringing the Formula One race experience into the virtual reality world of simulation.

Shell V-Power are the principal sponsors of the Formula One ™ – The Great Design Race (www.tepapa.govt.nz/f1) on display in the Visa Platinum Gallery at Te Papa.

Te Papa’s Chief Executive, Dr Seddon Bennington said that ‘Te Papa will be the only Southern Hemisphere venue for Formula One ™ – The Great Design Race. ‘On and off the track, Kiwis have excelled at the highest levels of this prestigious, high-pressured sport and this exhibition celebrates the New Zealand contribution to Formula One.’

Visitors will get close to the action with a high-octane events programme featuring expert floortalks by former McLaren mechanic Walter Wilmott, and renowned motorsport commentator Bob McMurray. There will also be race car simulators, and special display cars, such as McLaren’s M8A Can-Am car, the Hulme Super Car, and A1Team New Zealand’s A1GP car ‘Black Beauty’. Full events details are listed at the website, http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/f1.

Among the world’s most popular sports, Formula One is watched by over 350 million people each race weekend. The exhibition’s principal partner, Shell, has been involved with Grand Prix racing since the 1930s, and their technical partnership with Ferrari is considered the most successful partnership in Formula One.

Associate Sponsor Bridgestone is the sole tyre supplier in the world’s foremost single-seater motorsport categories, including Formula One, and was instrumental in securing the Ferrari F2004 for the Te Papa exhibition.

Shell NZ retail general manager Mark Forsyth said, “we’re thrilled to have been part of Te Papa’s great team bringing Formula One ™ – The Great Design Race to New Zealand as ‘Shell and Ferrari have forged a fantastic partnership on the race track”.

For enthusiasts in Auckland wanting to experience the Formula One race experience are able to visit SimDeck Formula Simulators in Albany, Auckland by appointment for life size virtual reality simulation in the immersive world of SimDeck. Unlike many manufacturers of Formula One Simulators, SimDeck recreate the virtual race experience using it’s exclusive huge digital ICE Digital Daytime projection screens, custome built full size petrol powered 4m cars, full immersion impact sensors and optional DOF platforms. By the end of the year SimDeck Formula Simulators expects to be able to embed actual live Formula One races in real time into the SimDeck virtual reality world enabling drivers of a SimDeck Formula Simulator to actually race against actual drivers all in real time on a virtual version of the actual track.

About Formula One ™ – The Great Design Race
The Formula One ™ – The Great Design Race tour is organised by the Design Museum, London, and the exhibition is curated by Alicia Pivaro. New Zealand content has been developed by Te Papa in association with The Bruce McLaren Trust.

Formula One, Formula 1 and F1 are trademarks belonging to Formula One licensing B.V. Used by kind permission of Formula One Administration Limited.

About Shell V-PowerThe international Shell scientists who develop Ferrari’s Formula 1 motor racing fuels have taken what they’ve learnt on the track to create Shell V-Power’s unique formulation. It is designed to help keep new engines running like new for longer, and restore older engines to peak condition.
Shell V-Power is a high quality performance fuel available exclusively from Shell service stations throughout New Zealand.

Formula One™ – The Great Design Race
15 July – 1 November 2009
The Visa Platinum Gallery, Level 4
Te Papa

Adult, $12; child (5-15 years), $5; child (under 5 years), free; concessions, $9.50

Hampton Downs – stunning new South Auckland circuit

Hampton Downs is the new New Zealand race circuit that has got the race industry and others excited that this international circuit will soon be on stream. Actually the venue will consist of two tracks. It will be the host for a diverse range of motorsports and other activities. Even before the track has been completed bookings are coming in steadly. Eventually we will be able to offer this circuit in the SimDeck Simulator for your race experience. In the meantime get a feel of the circuit on this video.

The track is clockwise, with the start in front of the pit buildings.

Crossing the start line at 70kms in a rolling start, the car quickly accelerates to 200 km per hour before the track disappears from view as it plunges downhill into the braking area 200 metres from the crest of the hill. There is a huge sealed run-off area on the left and heavy braking is required before entering turn one at the bottom of the hill.

Through the corner at 125km per hour and onto the 750 metre back straight. The F3000 quickly accelerates to a peak of 255km per hour before braking heavily for the tight right hander at the end of the straight. Then there is a flowing sequence of a 75 km per hour left hander, then into a long 110 km per hour right hander that opens out into a 220 km per hour short straight before the circuit dives left.

The F3000 then crests a slight rise and turns left before entering a tight right hander and climbing 7 metres out of the corner and onto a 250 metre straight. This short straight rises to a crest that disguises the 6 metre descent into a wide, tightening, 60 km per hour left turning hairpin.

Blasting out of the hairpin and going downhill for 400 metres towards the sweeper, the F3000 hits 235 km per hour, then brake and balance the car through the 130 km per hour sweeper. Powering out of the sweeper the car starts up the hill for the almost 1 kilometre ‘slightly kinky’ front straight. A top speed of 265 km per hour is achieved while blasting along the plateau between the pits and apartments, before, once again the circuit drops down the hill to turn one below.

And that’s a lap of Hampton Downs!

A Kiwi rules the US motorsports – wow!

Drama in Belgium and Chicago had the two top drivers in the world unable to sleep after their respective races.

Scott Dixon, who has now got to be the most eligible sports person for NZ’s top sports award – Halberg Awards, after his amazing win of the Indy Car Series 08 he and Emma would have been partying and celebrating long into the evening …the relief he must be now feeling that 2007 did not come back to haunt him. Fantastic win Scott and hope you win the NZ sports award later this year. The photo finish where he came second still secured him as the clear leader of the entire Indy Championship for 2008.

Fantastic effort Scott. Enjoy the feeling it must be amazing experience.

Fantastic effort Scott. Enjoy the feeling it must be amazing experience.

To celebrate Scotts win we are now running a special promotion for companies wanting to recreate the Indy experience for their next staff social, event or networking function. Details are on the Page links. The SimDeck PET250 full size race car simulator will create the drama at your next event and puts everyone in the hot seat.

Scott is returning to NZ for a private visit next week and will be visiting the Auckland Speedshow on the 20th September. www.speedshow.co.nz. We have an open invitation for Scott to see him demo that uncanny ability to take the winning flag. So be sure you’re at the show to see Scott in the SimDeck PET250 simulator when he visits. (His race in the SimDECK PET250 will be a spontaneous occurance) Visitors will be able to establish their race time to see if their egos can stay intact before an enthusiastic audience of motorsports fans.

Scott’s dreams were created in childhood and today became the brightest star in NZ motorsport where he conquered the greatest motorsports event in the USA…not bad for a Sunday afternoon drive where he also won $NZ3.22million dollars and the closest finish in Indy sports history.

Frustration reigns though in the McLaren camp and Lewis Hamilton must have been hoping it was all a bad dream when he eventually retired for the night, however I doubt if he got any sleep. Take a lap on the following video of this high speed circuit 40km from Brussels. Featuring the Eau Rouge corner it is a corner for those with steady nerves and the ability have your stomach in your mouth ! It is one of the courses we feature on the SimDeck PET250 simulator.

iRacing Launches Advanced Motorsport Simulation

Blurring real world and virtual racing in the PET250 model car

Blurring real world and virtual racing in the PET250 model car

The following announcement from iracing is another significant step in the development of the rapidly growing international race simulation world, which gives my career and business opportunities for continued growth. Without the virtual tracks being built and championships being created we’re headed for the bitside junk heap.

So thanks to Henry and John my future is glowing even brighter as another championship winner will be taking on drivers and teams from around the world.

Last night at a business meeting I was chatting over drinks and the comment was made that the person in the discussion had no idea that pro race car drivers regularly practice in simulators rather than the actual track. His comments were interesting in two ways… when one becomes involved having a career as a simulation race car driver you tend to think people would realise, that just like the Boeing, Virgin, Air NZ pilots who constantly train in simulators, that the same equally applies to top end race car drivers who do the same. So the public perception of race car simulation as a training tool is still low on the horizon. With the wwwiracing.com launch it further enhances and promotes our industry. However this is now no game but serious business with dollars, careers and wealth at stake.

 iRacing’s Motorsport Simulation and Internet Racing Service Driver Development Tool Now Available to Auto Racing Community and General Public

BEDFORD, MA. (August 26, 2008) – iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations today announced the general launch of its much-anticipated subscription-based auto racing simulation and internet racing service.  After four years of development and testing, virtually anyone anywhere in the world with a PC, high-speed internet access and a set of automotive-style wheel-and-pedal controls can develop his or her race-driving skills and also compete in the newest form of global motorsport – real-time, online competition, known as internet racing.

The announcement of iRacing’s public launch was made at noon today by iRacing’s co-founders and owners, John Henry, who is also principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, and Dave Kaemmer, a pioneer of motorsport simulation technology with more than 20 years experience in the field. 

“This is a moment that Dave and I have eagerly envisioned, from the day in 2004 when we started iRacing.com,” said Henry, who is also principal owner of Fenway Sports Group, co-owner of NASCAR’s Roush Fenway Racing.  “Development of the simulation and the service and the addition of more cars and tracks is and will be a continual process, but opening the service to all comers is an important milestone in the life of the company.”

iRacing.com was founded in September of 2004 by Dave Kaemmer and John Henry. Kaemmer was co-founder of Papyrus Design Group, developers of award-winning racing simulations including NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season and Grand Prix Legends. Henry is principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group – the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing – as well as an avid simracer. The iRacing.com team combines more than 100 years of real-world racing experience with more than 50 years of successful racing simulation development.

Valencia Formula One Race 12 2008 Season

Valencia, Spain Race 12 Circuit
Have you been following the F1 Championship? Well this weekend it has been in Valencia and city well known to those of us in NZ as it was where the Americas Cup Challenge was held…and sadly where Dean Baker and his team failed to secure the cup. So the boats have been packed up and now the cars come out to play.
Valencia Circuit for 2008

Valencia Circuit for 2008

Location: Valencia Street Circuit, Spain
Grand Prix Held:
First Grand Prix: 2008
Last Grand Prix: not yet
Opened: not yet
Circuit Length: 5.473 km (3.401 mi)
Circuit Details: clockwise
Lap Time: estimated 1min 37s.
Corners: 25  (11 right and 14 left)
Slowest corner: estimated 95,2 km/h
Maximum speed: around 323 km/h (201 mph)


Here are two unique videos the first is a real car cam lap on this circuit.


Now here is a virtual lap of the track layout on the Valencia Street Circuit, the urban circuit where the F1 Telefónica Grand Prix of Europe 2008 will be held in August 22nd to 24th.


Enterprise North Shore Creates Virtual Grand Prix

Ngaio found the perfect excuse to leave the office.

Ngaio found the perfect excuse to leave the office.

The Enterprise North Shore business development organisation recently held the celebration event for the announced finalists in the 2008 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Excellence in Business. SimDeck was there to add the buzz activity for the evening event outside the Westpac bank offices.

Ngaio Merrick, Project Co-ordinator for ENS and now budding high speed sim driver, decided that the SimDeck experience was the “must do it” event for the highly acknowledged business competition that acknowledges many of the North Shore businesses who enter the annual business competition.

The business competition sponsored by a range of succesful North Shore companies is to encourage and assist companies grow and meet higher levels of success both in New Zealand and off-shore.

The SimDeck event was appreciated by a number of business people who attended the event and none more so than the three category winners who took away their respective cup and bottles of champagne.

The competition was very tight – both verbally and in racing – but one finalist stood out with a time of just 56 seconds round the track which many others could not negotiate in less than a minute. Carl Le Vert, a software engineer, from Flow B2B Software took away the trophy and champagne on the night.
The Awards Sponsors also competed and it was the General Manager of the North Shore Times, Alan Barr, who proved his mettle as he took away the Fastest Sponsor trophy with a time of 1.02 minutes.  Andy Burrows from Icon Business Solutions was the Fastest Judge on the night with a time of 58 seconds. 


SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix in Newmarket

Instore Photo Gallery of some of the visitors who took on the challenge.

On track race time is the only way to improve race time. During this current week whilst we have been running the SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix I have managed to achieve a improved lap time of 46.47 sec lap time racing a Formula Fox in the South City Classic Circuit in LFS. A later attempt saw a 46.74 sec lap time in the 9 car race. At 46.47 sec gave a 3rd position win whilst a second race saw a dismal 8th placing. Cameron Brewer, “mayor” of Newmarket and head of the Newmarket Business Association, attempted to qualify for a rookie position in the recently established SimDeck race team, by showing off his race driving ability. As we say in the business we will call you.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The colours of the virtual car Cameron raced, matched office his tie collection he holds in the office – Red for meeting Labour party politicians and Blue for National party ploticians…. and logos by SAKS, host of the virtual GP

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

Consistent high lap times is the key to winning an overall higher place in the race. Due to the agressive nature of the other AI drivers careful timing and placing of the car to overtake is crucial with only a few places where overtaking can be achieved…principally the corner at the end of the main straight is a key area which 2-3 positions can be achieved if one drives into the corner at high speed with a very late braking allows me to sneak into one of the few gaps, however  it can all be lost if coming out of the corner  if the car is not maintained in a straight line or the gear is dropped to low causing the back end to swing. With the other cars hard on the tail also means a real risk of a tyre clipping or a nudge turning the whole attempt into an ego  challenging 360 spin.

The closest lap time by any other driver has been the ocassional mid 50 seconds. Members of the public are welcome to visit the SAKS Fashion store  at 254 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland during the week up until 3.30pm 24 August to race in the SimDeck PET250 car.

My Challenge To all you budding Formula One Drivers:

Contribute to this blog in a meaningful way and you’re welcome to challenge my speed for free when you see us out in a public event. I’ll regularly come back to this page to list my latest time racing in a FOX Open Cockpit Car in the Live For Speed South City Classic Circuit.

Saturday Morning Stop Press I have been pipped in my lap times with a visitor to the store on Friday who managed 46.46sec.

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS

The smell of burning rubber and roar of the engine!

The unique sound of Formula One.
A BAR backfires when braking down before Ascari at Monza (1999)

Welcome to the high octane virtual world of Simdeck Simulators and Principal Driver Kevin Andreassend.

Who is SimDeck and what is a professional simulation race car driver? Two tightly interwinded questions that are a reflection of the growing number of companies that blur virtual and real world technologies that has only become possible in recent years without having to resort to top secret military budgets and technologies.

SimDeck Simulators is the brain child of New Zealand based technology entreprenuer Kevin Andreassend and is currently a trading division of his ICE AV Technology Ltd company www.iceav.co.nz The core focus of SimDeck Simulators is to bring to market a range of high tech virtual reality platforms for training, entertainment, team building, corporate activities and private use.  The first platform bought to market is the open cockpit Formula styled race car. It is available in a variety of models including Replica Formula One Models, Two seater rally, and the PET250 open cockpit. Future platforms will include two military aviation platforms that will allow pilots to take to the skies to do some “business”.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Building race car/simulators has allowed Principal Driver, Kevin Andreassend to establish a new career option as a Formula Race Car Sim Driver. “Having ones own race car manufacturing company allows me to indulge in what some might perceive to be the ultimate job of simulation driving, high speed action and turning this into a profitable business with a strong international focus”. www.simdeck.com

If you are interested in learning some more of my Professional Profile when I am not racing please visit me at Professional Profile

And my additional commercial interest and activities can be discovered here at If you are interested in learning some more My commercial activities