World’s first 3D Simulation Monitor plumments in price – Perfect for 3D gaming and sim racing

Let your racing experience come alive in a way never experienced before in full blown stereoscopic 3D on the iZ3D monitor.


Ideal for all race sim programmes and suitable for any control and driving device. Bring you race experience alive.

Once upon a time we thought the world was flat? The world is fast moving pass the boring world of 2D monitors as we begin to experience the world of gaming, movies or computer graphics in the immersive world of 3D.

Most off the shelf games are already designed in 3D and are ready to take you to places you have never been in 2D. Now gamers can immerse themselves into the thrilling action of the game and see explosions that really explode and stare in wonder at the game scenery that game designers put months of work into. Instead of just watching or designing in flat 2D images now you can bring your games, movies or creative work to life.

iZ3D monitor

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Avatar is being released in Dec and being hailed as a break thru in cinematic creativity. Movies are being created in stereoscopic 3D so movie watchers can experience the action and duck that arrow or truly jump off a cliff. Bring this level of immersive entertainment to your home with an iZ3D 22-inch widescreen 3D LCD monitor.

The iZ3D monitor is your portal to the amazing world of 3D entertainment! Get in the action now.

Till now most people participating in desktop sim racing have had to be content with using a standard computer. Or if they have had a salary rise or bonus on the pocket money they might be able to justify a 3 channel system. Well today that completely changes both in cost and quality of experience.

The famous iZ3D monitor has PLUNGED IN price from its initial 1997 $US999 price tag to an amazing wallet friendly $US349 in December. Today it has just plunged again to an amazing $US279 excl shipping / tax when you use this Discount Code b72c7566 and get a 20% discount bonus. Visit

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First Launched and shown outside the USA in New Zealand by ICE AV

This price is available to buyers from all around the world. The monitor will ship directly to you via UPS from the USA. Please not there will be some taxes and import costs you will need to pay when it arrives in your country. The freight costs are calculated when you place your order. If you wish to establish the cost that your Customs Dept will charge you, call your local UPS office indicating you wish to import a LCD monitor, tell them the full cost including freight you will be paying and they will be able to tell you what local taxes you will face.

You will be purchasing the monitor directly from iz3D LLC in San Diego where your order will be processed directly by iZ3D. This promotion is only available online and must transact via the online store.

If you wish to communicate with us about this offer feel free to write to – Authorised International Reseller of the iZ3D monitor