Motorsports Simulation at the Olympics

Here is a thought worth pondering…should motorsports simulation racing be an Official Olympic Games Competitive Sport.

Here are some aspects to consider:-
– Motorsports is the world most watched sport.
– Computer gaming is the world’s largest entertainment industry
– I don’t have the stats on hand but car driving is one of the most favoured means of transport.
Just try and drive in Mumbai, Central London, Bangkok and you will know what I mean.
– The motorsports girls are some of the most delightful eye candy in any sport.
– Simulation racing is a green sport and the perfect hybrid activity and carbon friendly.
– Should A1GP, Indy 500 and Formula One officiating bodies be required to all sponsor the Motorsports Simulation Olympics?
– How should the simulator race systems for the Olympics be configured? Full featured cars, on 3 DOF platforms with life size daytime display systems.
– The online racing community now has a fully sanctioned and franchised motorsports developed by

About was founded in September of 2004 by Dave Kaemmer and John Henry. Kaemmer was co-founder of Papyrus Design Group, developers of award-winning racing simulations including NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season and Grand Prix Legends. Henry is principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group – the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing – as well as an avid simracer. The team combines more than 100 years of real-world racing experience with more than 50 years of successful racing simulation development.

Add your comments as to whether this is a crazy idea.

Remember though that currently for the Olympics we have sports where adults dance around a green table hitting a tiny white ball, woman dancing in the water, fit young girls jumping around with long ribbons, metal tubes being thrown thru the air, balls being bounced, hit, thrown, tossed and passed on all manner of courts. Then we have nimble young ladies jumping and tossing around on planks (that looks so dangerous), men swing from hoops, people racing on one of the first human powered personal transport machines, athletes pretending to be like the fastest fish, others bouncing on tightened sheets (I use to do this as a kid bouncing on my bed), whilst others keep running around in circles and some in a straight line, some like to test their strength by lifting heavy things, others take to brawling that would have them arrested if it occured in a night club and others really lash out punching so hard it would be classified as assault on the street. Other sports would have a full armed Police response if you played them in the average school field or or backyard and another was the cause of 1,000’s of deaths over the centuries in deadly warfare…. hmmm I thought the Olympics were suppose to be the friendly games. Still others paddle sitting, kneeling on everso narrow boats, whilst others search for a breath of air whilst holding on for Olympic glory. Some jump high backwards and others jump forward whilst others jump over fences. …seems to be alot of jumping and bouncing around in the Olympics don’t you think! Oh and then of course some athletes pretend to be older than they are, others take illegal drugs to go faster, others deny ever taking performance boosting substances and I guess some might secretly wish they had. All in all high speed simulation would seem to fit in well with all this bouncing, running, lifting, jumping and dancing.

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Enterprise North Shore Creates Virtual Grand Prix

Ngaio found the perfect excuse to leave the office.

Ngaio found the perfect excuse to leave the office.

The Enterprise North Shore business development organisation recently held the celebration event for the announced finalists in the 2008 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Excellence in Business. SimDeck was there to add the buzz activity for the evening event outside the Westpac bank offices.

Ngaio Merrick, Project Co-ordinator for ENS and now budding high speed sim driver, decided that the SimDeck experience was the “must do it” event for the highly acknowledged business competition that acknowledges many of the North Shore businesses who enter the annual business competition.

The business competition sponsored by a range of succesful North Shore companies is to encourage and assist companies grow and meet higher levels of success both in New Zealand and off-shore.

The SimDeck event was appreciated by a number of business people who attended the event and none more so than the three category winners who took away their respective cup and bottles of champagne.

The competition was very tight – both verbally and in racing – but one finalist stood out with a time of just 56 seconds round the track which many others could not negotiate in less than a minute. Carl Le Vert, a software engineer, from Flow B2B Software took away the trophy and champagne on the night.
The Awards Sponsors also competed and it was the General Manager of the North Shore Times, Alan Barr, who proved his mettle as he took away the Fastest Sponsor trophy with a time of 1.02 minutes.  Andy Burrows from Icon Business Solutions was the Fastest Judge on the night with a time of 58 seconds.

SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix in Newmarket

Instore Photo Gallery of some of the visitors who took on the challenge.

On track race time is the only way to improve race time. During this current week whilst we have been running the SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix I have managed to achieve a improved lap time of 46.47 sec lap time racing a Formula Fox in the South City Classic Circuit in LFS. A later attempt saw a 46.74 sec lap time in the 9 car race. At 46.47 sec gave a 3rd position win whilst a second race saw a dismal 8th placing. Cameron Brewer, “mayor” of Newmarket and head of the Newmarket Business Association, attempted to qualify for a rookie position in the recently established SimDeck race team, by showing off his race driving ability. As we say in the business we will call you.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The colours of the virtual car Cameron raced, matched office his tie collection he holds in the office – Red for meeting Labour party politicians and Blue for National party ploticians…. and logos by SAKS, host of the virtual GP

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

Consistent high lap times is the key to winning an overall higher place in the race. Due to the agressive nature of the other AI drivers careful timing and placing of the car to overtake is crucial with only a few places where overtaking can be achieved…principally the corner at the end of the main straight is a key area which 2-3 positions can be achieved if one drives into the corner at high speed with a very late braking allows me to sneak into one of the few gaps, however  it can all be lost if coming out of the corner  if the car is not maintained in a straight line or the gear is dropped to low causing the back end to swing. With the other cars hard on the tail also means a real risk of a tyre clipping or a nudge turning the whole attempt into an ego  challenging 360 spin.

The closest lap time by any other driver has been the ocassional mid 50 seconds. Members of the public are welcome to visit the SAKS Fashion store  at 254 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland during the week up until 3.30pm 24 August to race in the SimDeck PET250 car.

My Challenge To all you budding Formula One Drivers:

Contribute to this blog in a meaningful way and you’re welcome to challenge my speed for free when you see us out in a public event. I’ll regularly come back to this page to list my latest time racing in a FOX Open Cockpit Car in the Live For Speed South City Classic Circuit.

Saturday Morning Stop Press I have been pipped in my lap times with a visitor to the store on Friday who managed 46.46sec.

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS

The smell of burning rubber and roar of the engine!

The unique sound of Formula One.
A BAR backfires when braking down before Ascari at Monza (1999)

Welcome to the high octane virtual world of Simdeck Simulators and Principal Driver Kevin Andreassend.

Who is SimDeck and what is a professional simulation race car driver? Two tightly interwinded questions that are a reflection of the growing number of companies that blur virtual and real world technologies that has only become possible in recent years without having to resort to top secret military budgets and technologies.

SimDeck Simulators is the brain child of New Zealand based technology entreprenuer Kevin Andreassend and is currently a trading division of his ICE AV Technology Ltd company The core focus of SimDeck Simulators is to bring to market a range of high tech virtual reality platforms for training, entertainment, team building, corporate activities and private use.  The first platform bought to market is the open cockpit Formula styled race car. It is available in a variety of models including Replica Formula One Models, Two seater rally, and the PET250 open cockpit. Future platforms will include two military aviation platforms that will allow pilots to take to the skies to do some “business”.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Building race car/simulators has allowed Principal Driver, Kevin Andreassend to establish a new career option as a Formula Race Car Sim Driver. “Having ones own race car manufacturing company allows me to indulge in what some might perceive to be the ultimate job of simulation driving, high speed action and turning this into a profitable business with a strong international focus”.

If you are interested in learning some more of my Professional Profile when I am not racing please visit me at Professional Profile

And my additional commercial interest and activities can be discovered here at If you are interested in learning some more My commercial activities