SimDeck Event booking discount

Exclusive Cash Back Voucher for your next SimDeck GP

Exclusive Cash Back Voucher for your next SimDeck GP

We have a unique gift for you. How would you like to be paid a $50 cash back discount simply by writing some positive comments about your SimDeck Racing Event. This offer is only valid in NZ and closes on 30th November. Some conditions do apply of course which are on the displayed voucher. This offer requires that you print the voucher off, it must be either physically posted or emailed to us with your booking and when you pay your initial event deposit.  It can and not be applied at any other time.

After the event you will need write a blog entry on this web site after we have posted your Simdeck Virtual Grand Prix.

Where else can you be paid for writing on a blog? Contact Pit Lane Booking Office Today. 09-414 2348 before someone else secures your prefered date.

The smell of burning rubber and roar of the engine!

The unique sound of Formula One.
A BAR backfires when braking down before Ascari at Monza (1999)

Welcome to the high octane virtual world of Simdeck Simulators and Principal Driver Kevin Andreassend.

Who is SimDeck and what is a professional simulation race car driver? Two tightly interwinded questions that are a reflection of the growing number of companies that blur virtual and real world technologies that has only become possible in recent years without having to resort to top secret military budgets and technologies.

SimDeck Simulators is the brain child of New Zealand based technology entreprenuer Kevin Andreassend and is currently a trading division of his ICE AV Technology Ltd company The core focus of SimDeck Simulators is to bring to market a range of high tech virtual reality platforms for training, entertainment, team building, corporate activities and private use.  The first platform bought to market is the open cockpit Formula styled race car. It is available in a variety of models including Replica Formula One Models, Two seater rally, and the PET250 open cockpit. Future platforms will include two military aviation platforms that will allow pilots to take to the skies to do some “business”.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Aerial views of two Simdeck Cars.

Building race car/simulators has allowed Principal Driver, Kevin Andreassend to establish a new career option as a Formula Race Car Sim Driver. “Having ones own race car manufacturing company allows me to indulge in what some might perceive to be the ultimate job of simulation driving, high speed action and turning this into a profitable business with a strong international focus”.

If you are interested in learning some more of my Professional Profile when I am not racing please visit me at Professional Profile

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