Richard Hammond of Top Gear gets under the bonnet

Click the picture to start your career in motorsports

Click the picture to start your career in motorsports

Richard Hammond of the TV show Top Gear has either written or sold his name for naming writes on the book Car Science that is a colourful and informative look at cars and especially fast ones.


Young boys will love the colourful bright pages packed with detail and information. The web site link here even allows you to design a number of different cars with an allocated points budget. This will entertain youngsters as they try the various options for at least 15 minutes!

Every young boy who love cars dreams about a career in the motorsports inductry. If your son or daughter has this passion then, the following book is a excellent start for you to help them get started. Click on the link to discover more of this career starting book.
hammond book_01


At last an authorative guide to having a career in the motorsports industry

At last an authorative guide to having a career in the motorsports industry

Get into top gear with SimDeck.

SimDeck gets into top gear with the latest promotion that is aimed at all ages. Boy racers may have their cars crushed for racing on the streets, Greg Murphy will drive at a wall in high speed, holiday cars race north and create a bottle neck at the Pohoi tunnel. SimDeck offers the Top Gear test circuit in the open wheeler simulator for Top Gear the TV Theatre Show at the Auckland leg of the world tour.

The new monthly SimDeck promotion each month is designed to bring all the above elements together to test a driver’s quick adaptation to a very fast vehicle, an unfamilar circuit and rapid responsive action. It will require accurate acceleration, braking, maintaining the perfect drive line, stepping through the gears in a rapid motion with accurate timing.

Each driver will be given five minutes to race. In this time they will need to establish familiarity with the circuit and to establish one lap as their fastest that will be recorded. Before they visit the SimDeck Formula facility drivers can download the simulation software for free and drive the formula car and circuit to get in some off line practice prior to booking your race slot. Just follow the download instructions.

Get into top gear with SimDeck Promotion Details
Cost – $5. Payable on site
Promo Duration – February
– Steady hand
– Register on site prior to racing
– 10 years and older.
– Under 6ft tall
Prize – 60 minute simulator session with 3 friends.
Prize will be announced in first week of March on our web site and we will also contact you.
Winning driver’s race lap will be published on the internet
Booking your session
– Just ring the SimDeck Pit Office to see if your preferred time slot is available.
Rules and Details
No grid restarts.
All participants agree to have their photo, name and race video published.
All rights are retained by SimDeck Formula Simulators
Drivers can enter each month.
Drivers can only enter once per month.
Track to race on Blackwood Circuit
Vehicle – Formula Race vehicle
Duration format – Hotlap
Drivers are allowed to race as often as they wish offline before visiting SimDeck for their race.

We will be running this as a monthly race series competition so you’ll always be in top gear. For any boy racers who have had their cars crushed, get Mum to drop you off, Dad, if you’ve smashed your car in a crash out on Auckland streets, there is a bus stop 5 minutes away on Bush Road. For those who have lost their licence get on your bike in top gear to SimDeck Formula Simulators on Airborne Road in Albany. The Stig will be waiting to meet you and edge on to become the champion your Mum wants you to be.

Contact 09-414 2348 for any further information.