Visitors to this web site should take note that the SimDeck brand, Formula Race Car simulators or any other technologies or developments are in no way associated with Paul van Dinther or http://planetinaction.com/about.htm.  Neither have any of the developments under the SimDeck brand been developed, used or received input from Paul van Dinther, Planet in Action, Dinther Product Design Ltd or any of his associated affiliations.

Any claims or association as implied on their web site are inaccurate and erroneous. No advice, consultation, financial input, technical advice, moral support or otherwise has been given by Paul van Dinterr or any companies or commercial activities he might be associated with.

No development as implied by his web site led to the the activities under the SimDeck brand.

The development of the SimDeck technologies and platforms is an independent commercial entity wholly owned by Kevin Andreassend.  The SimDeck brand is a trademark that belongs to Kevin Andreassend and is marketed exclusively by ICE AV Technology Ltd.

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