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simdeck-headerHere at SimDeck Formula Simulators we are passionate about creating the virtual reality experience in motorsports. We now offer the largest range of vehicles ever to recapture the ambience and speed in a life like platform. Our vehicles are all full size and many make fantastic static displays even without the simulation hardware.

Ranging from the earliest 1915 Grand Prix race cars to the very latest designs, we aim to be true to the experience. Using the latest virtual reality simulation software you can race these cars on the very same tracks where they made their mark and made champions of their driver. Some of our vehicles are custom designs where you can actually race them down the road, (thats right they require petrol!!!) or race them in a virtual world where you have converged reality with virtual reality. Hence our motto, “We put the reality into virtual reality”
You can check out the entended range on this link.

The PET250 Race car and simulator
This is our premier race car / simulator that converges virtual and real world racing. No longer do you need to pretend you are in a race car as the PET 250 is also a petrol powered open wheeler race car.

The world's first simulator that is also a petroled powered open wheeler race car. The ultimate race plaform that converges real and virtual worlds.

The world's first simulator that is also a petrol powered open wheeler race car. The ultimate race plaform that converges real and virtual worlds.

SimDeck race cars simulate the world of Grand Prix racing in a highly accurate commercial grade steering mechanism, turn the wheel and the actual front wheels turn, off screen on car gauges for speed, fuel, laps, revs, paddle controls, sensory input into the driver seat delivers all the on road vibrations, daytime life-size, perfect virtual world displayed on the exclusive daytime ICE Lens screen technology. Full harness seat system, real-life perception, sequencing driver cameras relay the driver reaction, built-in headphone, wired mic PA system, virtual race in full open display for audience. A 900 watt sound system delivers full virtual world and race car sounds.

Indoors or outdoors, the SimDeck race experience is suitable for all environments. Available as an indoor standalone attraction, or completely mobile in a dedicated simulation trailer for rapid setup, out-door event environments, or in-door commercial premises.

The SimDeck race car creates an accurate race experience both in a real or virtual worlds. Unlike most virtual race experiences, this is as close to the real thing it will be, simply because it is the real car, packed with all the technology to get you on the virtual track speeding up to 300 kph and yet do donuts out on a real road. The world’s first simulator that can do actual real world donuts. Any closer and you will be part of the next international A1 or F1 Grand Prix.

The experience starts well before you get in the tub and immerses you immediately you are behind the wheel.

* Kick the tyres this is a real race car !
* Wardrobe kits you out in genuine race outfit.
* The engine is rumbling waiting for your input.
* Belted in, you are squeezed into the hugging vehicle.
* Feel the response as you press the accelerator.
* Dashboard gauges kick into life providing true to life response.
* Take hold of an genuine Momo wheel with actual paddles.
* Step thru the gears as the gear box responds.
* You feel and hear the engine shudder, ready to burn rubber.
* Nervously you wait for the start lights to sequence thru,
aware your competitors are sitting in the grid, ready to you push
you to the limit of your mental, physical and speed abilities.

Ladies and Gentleman, your engines are started, welcome to
the virtual world of SimDeck Grand Prix high speed and now,
would you please take your grid positions for your next event.

The Race car simulator is able to replicate many of the famous models in the software bringing alive many of the famous race teams like Bruce McLaren, 2008 Formula One Cars, Jack Brabham, Scott Dixon’s Indy 500 car in a substantial selection of life like tracks. Please note for commercial appplications software licensing is required.

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