Centre Channel ICE Simulation Screens

The ICE Lens screen is a unique high performance screen ideal for any simulator and immersive experience where large stunning image quality is mandatory.

The ICE lens screens works on the principal of light separation on a spherical surface that delivers unique characteristics ideal in the simulation experience:

The ICE Lens screen pictured is 2.5m wide

The ICE Lens screen pictured is 2.5m wide

– Rejection of ambient light.
– Intensity brightness increase as the viewing distance increases.
– 20 Gain screen efficiency.
– 20 million pixel resolving capability.
– Increases projector brightness substantially.
– 4:3 and 16:9 screen formats.

SimDeck has selected ICE Lens Screens as the preferred projection surface for our simulation systems, as it has a huge performance increase that is impossible to achieve with a white screen.

Recommended minimum size is 72″ dia 4:3 and 75″ dia 16:9 formats. Typical maximum size could be 3m wide. Numerous other sizes available.

Visit this Youtube Video Channel to see a range of videos of the ICE Centre Channel Daytime projection screens in action. Here are a few videos to whet your appetite.

You can download the ICE Screens Simulator Screen Cataloque here. Its is just over 9mb download.

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