A very special offer 69 page magazine on Formula One and Interlagos

Here is a very special offer and free link featuring the elite world of Formula One Grand Prix. Fascinating insight to the historic win at Interlagos, reviews and photos from yesteryear. Free download! Get your copy today.

Grand Prix Magazine is available as a completely free download. Issue 034 Published 3 November 2008. Fascinating reading.

Grand Prix Magazine is available as a completely free download. Issue 034 Published 3 November 2008. Fascinating reading.

Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic World Championship victory in Interlagos was a remarkable event in motorsport history and rather than have to wait until paper magazines start to arrive at the end of the week, Formula 1’s first electronic magazine, the award-winning GP+ is offering a free magazine to anyone who wants to download it. The 60-page magazine is published as quickly as possible after each Grand Prix, the record being just four hours after the chequered flag.

If you download this e-magazine be sure to visit www.mclarenmotorsport.co.nz for a stunning range of memorabilia, artwork and books on Formula One and Can-Am. Rare insightful look into Formula One, McLaren Race Team, Jack Brabham by former Formula One Team Manager, Phil Kerr. Be sure to check out his book “To Finish First”

Lewis Hamilton creates history for a race team name from NZ!

Motorsports history is created on the Interlagos circuit with seconds to spare. The Formula One 2008 final race started with Lewis Hamilton standing in good chance to deliver the race into the hands of the McLaren Race Team….a race team whose name hails from New Zealand race hero Bruce McLaren and whose pioneering legacy and achievements have given rise to the youngest F1 champion in its history. Check out the link to a fascinating history where the dream was established.

Here is a worthy video tribute to the driver from Auckland/NZ, Bruce McLaren who went onto be the vision that established the McLaren Motorsports Team.

New Zealand can now lay claim to what is a world first in Motorsports at the highest level of the sport. In the same year New Zealand (and Auckland precisely) and can lay claim to being the birth place of motorsports legends. Bruce McLaren who went onto establishing the McLaren Race Team currently owned by TAG and whose Lewis Hamilton won the F1 2008 series today and Scott Dixon the reigning Indy 500 Championship. I don’t know what it is whether, their mother’s spiked their infant baby bottles with petrol or their Dad’s used their nappies as oil rags in the garage, but what ever it was, the legacy of these kiwi drivers have converged two points in history that might never occur again…. but you never know, us Kiwi’s never accept never!
However prior to the last seconds of the race, Hamilton was in 6th place and seconds before the finish managed to squeeze into 5th place on the last corner…talk about a close shave. He had to get a 5th placing or better to win the 2008 series.

Here is a unique on board view of the track where history might just be made. Interlagos is one of the tracks you race race in the SimDeck simulators.

Here is the current standings:

01 Lewis Hamilton 94
02 Felipe Massa 87
03 Robert Kubica 75
04 Kimi Räikkönen 69
05 Nick Heidfeld 60
06 Fernando Alonso 53
07 Heikki Kovalainen 51
08 Sebastian Vettel 30
09 Jarno Trulli 30
10 Timo Glock 22
11 Mark Webber 21
12 Nelsinho Piquet 19
13 Nico Rosberg 17
14 Rubens Barrichello 11
15 Kazuki Nakajima 9

Photo sequence of the Brazilian F1 race where a 23year old becomes the highest paid sports person in the UK. Whilst you wont be winning that sort of money in the SimDeck race car simulator, you will get to experience an aspect of skill and controlled that is required for racing at such enormous speeds.

A Short Video History of Lewis Hamilton’s current race history.