SIMDECK OPEN DAY – This Friday and Saturday

Ever dreamed of sitting in an actual formula race and taking it for a spin on a world famous circuit. To celebrate the upgrade of the SimDeck Formula Race Centre we are holding the first of a series of Open Days – Friday 6 and Saturday 7 February.

Relive the experience that saw Scott Dixon win the prestigous Murray Halberg Sportsman of the Year Award on Tuesday night for his amazing achievements at winning the 2008 Indy Car Series Championship – Amercia’s greatest racing spectacle. Come and experience high speed adrenalin rush in the life size and life like virtual SimDeck world.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR DADS – Here is something fun you can do with your son for FREE THIS WEEKEND.

We are looking forward for all boy racers, mums with a burning ambition to lay some rubber, youngsters who one day dream of owning their own race car, and adults reliving some lost dreams to step up to the challenge and try a few laps on a virtual race circuit in a Formula race car. Your chance to celebrate being a Kiwi Champion at our Waitangi Weekend Celebrations.

With speeds of over 300kph, split second timing, accurate driving lines and serious concentration we expect to see some nervous drivers taking the controls.

The Open Day is completely free to visit and run a few laps through out the day. A voluntary gold goin donation can be made that will be given to This will be a prelude to being part of and supporting the KidsCan television Big Night In telethon coming to your TV screen later in the year.

If you make a gold coin donation then you have a change to win a 60 minute sim session for four people. Challenge: Fastest driver on two laps at Pukekohe Circuit will be our winner

We want people to experience something very unique that previously has not been readily available in NZ. The enormous 2.5m wide virtual reality screen puts you into a full life size virtual world where you feel every bump of the road and shudder of the engine.

Recent visitors have been espousing how life like the experience is which is what we are aiming to achieve and to take the realism way beyond what people can re-create at home.

We are looking forward to a steady stream of drivers all day.
Just to add some edge and reputation at stake elements the fastest certified driver will win a 1 hour session for 4 people.

If you want to get a few tips on driving at high speed, then this link will help you get into the correct frame of mind…see you on the Starting Grid!
Location Unit 14, 6 Airborne Road, Albany, North Shore
Open Day Hours 9.30am – 4pm
Date Friday 6 and Saturday 7 February
Car parking – Please park out on the street and wander down to SimDeck. Lookout for the race driver on the balcony.
Cost – COMPLETELY FREE for a few laps.
Giving Forward – We will have an opportunity for you to make a voluntary gold coin donation which we will forward to

Look out for our driver and you'll know you're in the right place, or if you can see the activity of visitors waiting their turn.

Look out for our driver and you'll know you're in the right place, or if you can see the activity of visitors waiting their turn.

Our Pit Manager reckons we need to have a BBQ susage sizzle going throughout the day so that will also be available so you can have a drink and bite whilst you wait to impress the crowds.

After appearing on national radio with Danny Watson on Radio 2ZB’s “Tech Tuesdays” programme this week talking about this uniquely kiwi experience, we have been told we could cause a traffic jam out on the street. Now that is kinda cool a virtual car race creating a real world traffic jam. Of course this fits right into our motto. “SimDeck creating the reality in virtual reality”.

So if you come along please wait your turn with a smile and everyone will get the chance to race…even if we need to run the Open Day again on another weekend.

Press Release

Car parking available in the marked Visitors Car Parking or out on the street.

Car parking available in the marked Visitors Car Parking or out on the street.

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SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix in Newmarket

Instore Photo Gallery of some of the visitors who took on the challenge.

On track race time is the only way to improve race time. During this current week whilst we have been running the SAKS Fashion Virtual Grand Prix I have managed to achieve a improved lap time of 46.47 sec lap time racing a Formula Fox in the South City Classic Circuit in LFS. A later attempt saw a 46.74 sec lap time in the 9 car race. At 46.47 sec gave a 3rd position win whilst a second race saw a dismal 8th placing. Cameron Brewer, “mayor” of Newmarket and head of the Newmarket Business Association, attempted to qualify for a rookie position in the recently established SimDeck race team, by showing off his race driving ability. As we say in the business we will call you.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The SAKS sponsored Formula FOX model race car.

The colours of the virtual car Cameron raced, matched office his tie collection he holds in the office – Red for meeting Labour party politicians and Blue for National party ploticians…. and logos by SAKS, host of the virtual GP

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

High Speed action with high profile fashion brands

Consistent high lap times is the key to winning an overall higher place in the race. Due to the agressive nature of the other AI drivers careful timing and placing of the car to overtake is crucial with only a few places where overtaking can be achieved…principally the corner at the end of the main straight is a key area which 2-3 positions can be achieved if one drives into the corner at high speed with a very late braking allows me to sneak into one of the few gaps, however  it can all be lost if coming out of the corner  if the car is not maintained in a straight line or the gear is dropped to low causing the back end to swing. With the other cars hard on the tail also means a real risk of a tyre clipping or a nudge turning the whole attempt into an ego  challenging 360 spin.

The closest lap time by any other driver has been the ocassional mid 50 seconds. Members of the public are welcome to visit the SAKS Fashion store  at 254 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland during the week up until 3.30pm 24 August to race in the SimDeck PET250 car.

My Challenge To all you budding Formula One Drivers:

Contribute to this blog in a meaningful way and you’re welcome to challenge my speed for free when you see us out in a public event. I’ll regularly come back to this page to list my latest time racing in a FOX Open Cockpit Car in the Live For Speed South City Classic Circuit.

Saturday Morning Stop Press I have been pipped in my lap times with a visitor to the store on Friday who managed 46.46sec.

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS

Young folk loved the chance to race in a full simulator free of charge courtesy of SAKS