Church & Vol. Community Groups

We have a cost effective programme for all Church and voluntary groups in the community. Our Formula Pet250 race can be used for a variety of activities within your group’s fund raising, entertainment, membership programme.

If you are a church, we know that the Youth Group will love the chance for some high speed fun, or a men’s network group will quicky identify with this experience as a unique way for some “man time”. It is a safe and wholesome group activity that has a fun and serious side.

We have two SimDeck Activity Programmes to choose from.
If your Church books the SimDeck Race Car event as a fund raiser for a church activity, missionary support, raising funds for your outreach programme then we heavily subsidise your booking fee which is massively discounted to just $150+GST. This can be for an event lasting up to 4 hours.

This is our way of supporting your valuable work. We know that the beneficiaries of your fund raising activities and donations thru the SimDeck Event will really appreciate you taking the time out to take advantage of the SimDeck experience. We would envisage you would charge $5-$10 Plus per ride. To add a unique element, you could even run a fine Schedule, where if a driver crashes a car, burns the engine, looses a tyre and other such activities and then the diver is fined an additional $1 per infringment …. This will add a unique element to every drivers technique. In this arrangement each driver would pay in $20. It would be split $10 for racing and $10 for mechanical repairs. If they crash etc they pay $1 for each infringement. If they drive well, do not crash and “exceed the standard lap then they receive their $10 mechanical repair budget back. If they do not crash or have infringments but do not exceed the standard lap time then they only receive $5 back of their mechanical budget fund.

If you wish to take advantage of the SimDeck Race Car simulator for your Youth Group, Mens Group and hey ladies we welcome you to toss in the Tea and Cake meetings and join us pit side for the fastest race of your life. This booking is ideal as part of a monthly meeting time or youth group evening.
Again we heavily subsidise your event which may last up to 4 hours.
Prebooked cost is $250+GST

These events can be held at your site or our venue in Albany. If you wish to run the event at our venue please discuss your requirements. For off site at your venue there is an additional $50+GST charge.

Normally our rates for commercial bookings of this length are over $1,000+GST

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